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“Join us to welcome Marianne & Mike Raab”…back to Dayton.  And, it was certainly an auspicious ‘welcoming’ day.  It was the perfect “…October’s bright blue weather’…and Runnymede Road is Oakwood at it’s best…and Poky & Tony Huffman can’t be beat – as hosts.

Marianne and Mike have moved from Georgia to that great house once owned by Dr. Philips Champion on Harman Avenue – it overlooks the Wright Brothers’ manse. “They’ve been working on it all summer,” said Marianne’s mother, Sally Fisher.  “It’s wonderful having them and our two granddaughters so close-by.”  Everyone said at least once during the evening:  “Sally, Marianne, and the two Raab daughters – all look exactly alike!”   More than one neighbor  said to another…”the Raabs have certainly up-graded this neighborhood… present company excepted, of course.”      

Tony played Host early on, but excused himself to arrange for the ‘family photos’ being taken on the back patio.  When he returned to front-door-duty he explained he was not ‘in’ the photos…”I ‘took’ the family photos.

Cheri Ohmer had a report on the ‘horse-show-successes’ of her daughters.  When Jean Woodhull arrived a neighbor asked where she’d found a parking place – and then ‘ducked’ – cause Jean lives right next door.  Course Oakwood had posted ‘No Parking’ signs along the West side of the road but it was still mighty ‘tight’ squeaking through.  Jean asked after the ‘health’ of an ‘absent’ neighbor.  “Tell him I’m saving-up all my insults and nasty remarks – and I’ll be over to give him a very bad time!”
Lindsey Clark made a spectacular ‘entrance’.  Her huge stole was artfully draped over a black dress…but it was her necklace that got-the-raves!  “It’s three strands of matching ‘pearls’ with a sea-shell-clasp on each one – just handsome!

Cindy & Mark Garner were spotted on the back patio.  John Fisher said he had to get home to watch the Ohio State-Penn State football game.  ‘Round Town’ was afraid to call him this morning after reading the Sunday Sports section headlines: Penn -13, OSU - 6!

The Oakwood Centennial Volunteer Reception is Wednesday from 5 – 8 P.M. at the Oakwood Community Center on Patterson Road.  “… to honor and thank all the volunteers who made Oakwood’s Centennial Celebration a huge success…heavy hor d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served”


Laurence Warwar
 called phoned with a mouth-watering invitation: “…just drop by anytime after twelve on Wednesday afternoon…I’ll give you a number…I’ll be in the kitchen cooking…and I’ll call your number when I‘ve finished your ‘egg-plant-sandwich.”  And anyone in Oakwood who’s ever enjoyed Laurence’s fabulous ‘Lebanese cooking’ will beat a path to her kitchen door!    

Natch, she’d been ‘cooking’ all morning - for the dining room table ‘groaned’ with her other goodies that ‘sustained life’ while waiting for your sandwich number to be called!

Diane DeWall handled ‘duty’ between answering the front door and checking with Laurence in the kitchen.  Dottie Cummings  and Patty Ballard had gotten their egg-plant-sandwich-fix  and were busy chatting in the living room.  Marty Ebeling had a graphic account of “…the big blow” – from their hill top location on Thruston.  Sally Solarek added her account of “…the neighbors tree that blocked my front door!”


Connie Breen said son Eddy, was in Bar Harbor, Maine for a book signing – the tribute he’s written about his famous late father, Edward Breen, entitled Lucky Eddie – The Life, Times, and Family of former U.S. Congressman, Edward G. Breen.  “The book store had a call from David Rockefeller asking for Eddy’s cell phone number. Ed Sr., and David had been friends at the Pot & Kettle Club in Maine – for years. Knew Jack Heck would be interested since he’d known David in Algiers during WWII and has seen him several times since then…”




November 4, 2008
Volume 17, No. 45

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