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The Masters of Foxhounds met in New York City last weekend. It took two days to fly to New York – first day sitting in Cox Municipal Airport watching all flights to LaGuardia be canceled, and the second day waiting for the 7:11 a.m. flight to take off at 10 a.m.

If you think Dayton is a ‘dead horse’ – you should see NYC! On Madison Avenue - from the 40’s up to the ‘90’s every other store is shuttered, or has a ‘going-out-of-business-sale’, or ‘for rent/lease’ sign in the window!! On Fifth Avenue from 60th south to below Sachs – it’s the same! Cab drivers say their fares are off al least 20 percent. Usually there are 150 Masters at their annual dinner – there were 80! The Ball generally has at least 250 – 300. This winter 200 allowed for a ‘break-even’ attendance. Of course, it was the ‘weather’, and “the economy, stupid”!

At the Ball, Oakwood, Urbana, Cincinnati, Delaware, and Washington, D.C. were represented at one table. Diedre Koik - Urbana, Irving & Selma Harris - Cincinnati, Jim Stainbrook – Delaware, OH, and David Findley – Washington. “Small World Department” – Irv Harris mentioned attending a Board meeting at Skidmore College and Diedre Koik mentioned having graduated from Skidmore. That was good for a great conversation.

The Friday morning business meeting of the MFHA at the Waldorf was highlighted by a dynamite ‘speaker’ - Ohio State Univ.’s Professor, Dr. Stanley David Gehrt – better known as The Coyote Man. Since all mid-western hunts, and most eastern hunts are now chasing more coyotes than foxes the audience participation was fantastic. Dayton’s Miami Valley Hunt had recommended Dr. David and we took him to lunch at the Metropolitan Club afterward.

A Saturday luncheon with former Oakwood-ites was a highlight. Cathy Cassel Talmedge brought her father Dr. William G. Cassel down from CT. The luncheon was at the condo of former Daytonian Barb Iams and her husband Jim Korein on Central Park South. Their ‘view’ up to the north end of Central Park is breath-taking. Bill reminisced with one guest about a friendship that went back to the second grade at Longfellow Grade School.

Dayton Country Club long-time-loyal-members are expressing their dis-pleasure at the Board of director’s decision to terminate the Assistant Manager’s job – held by Carol Harrah! Carol has been a long-time and vital part of the DCC staff. She began as a waitress and her talent, ability, and warm personality has brought her up to the point where she was offered the job of Manager – which she refused saying she didn’t think she could handle it. DCC has the very best Manager in Walter Schaller. Walter was manager years ago before starting Neils – and every member is delighted he’s back. But, Carol handles the weddings, and private parties like no one else is able to do. Surely the Board can find somewhere else to ‘economize’.

Clary Hillenbran and husband Dr. Allen Freemond invited an Oakwood-ite to a dinner party at Woodstock County Club in Indianapolis last Friday evening. It was great to be with Nancy & Beau Elder, Eric & Benji Reisman, Susan Miller Hall, Liz Johnson, MFH. Indianapolis got a lot more snow than Oakwood – and it’s got a great unbreakable ‘crust’ everywhere. Have you tried to buy ‘snow-melter’ or salt? It’s a pearl-beyond-price!

February 10, 2009
Volume 18, No. 6

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