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‘Round Town brings personal touch

Having been born and raised in Oakwood and having lived there most of my years until moving south (all the way to Kettering!), I enjoy reading “‘Round Town” as a reminder that Oakwood really is a small and tightly knit community. Once you stop shopping at the Oakwood Dorothy Lane Market and switch to the Washington Twp. Dorothy Lane Market, if only to save time by not stopping in the aisles to talk to people you run into, you start to lose touch with everyone.

I usually know some names mentioned in ‘Round Town, but even if all the names are new, the column brings back a sense of “home”, which is something most communities fail to have or appreciate.

‘Round Town is a step back in time to when everyone in Oakwood knew each other, and cutting the column would be a loss to the personal touch the Oakwood Register brings to the Dayton area.

David Gonsior

Kool down over ‘Round Town

As a senior resident of Oakwood who looks forward to ‘Round Town each week in the Oakwood Register, I find it a welcome alternative to all the murder and mayhem which is a daily feature of the Dayton newspaper.

After military service, I lived in several cities including Chicago, Milwaukee and Louisville and I feel Oakwood is a special place with its school system and many conveniences.

‘Round Town offers a light commentary on some of the happenings in Oakwood and perhaps a little Kool Aid might help to make it more enjoyable for some readers.

Bud Welch
333 Oakwood Ave.


Private info on parking tickets a one-time incident

Hello again, Oakwood Register. I just finished a very pleasant and positive discussion with Chief Bebris regarding this issue (parking tickets with personal information written on them). Per the department, issuing tickets with this personal information on it is not the department’s policy; and, the chief has assured me that it was a one-time incident that has been addressed with counseling the officer, as well as randomly surveying prior tickets to ensure they do not contain the SSN/DOB information I was concerned about.

It figures that the privacy nut (me) on the block gets the one ticket out of 1000 that was the mess up. Go figure.

Mike Green
Irving Avenue




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March 3, 2009
Volume 18, No. 9

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