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Kim Gilfillen Coughenour and a friend ‘did dinner’ at the Oakwood Club last week. The conversation covered the waterfront…about Kim’s son, Andy, and his famous dog ‘Oodie’ who was a regular along Houk Stream, and about her father, George Gilfillen and his great friend Bob Margolis, and about Kim’s most successful photography business, and… it took hours.  The gals ‘split’ a casserole order and still had more than they could handle.

A phone call to Bob Margolis the next morning was fun.  Bob lives in the Carillon - sounded great, and always asks about friends and what they’re doing.

“I’ve never seen the dining room this crowded for lunch!” said Dale Nash as he and a guest were taken to their table.  It soon became apparent why…the 8 x 10 flyer at each place  had a large picture of ‘Culps Cafeteria’ – Fourth Street entrance’.  An eight paragraph ‘History of the Culp Family In the Food Business’ was fascinating.
And!!! On the reverse side of the flyer was the menu of Culps Luncheon Counter in 1941 – complete with the l941 prices  “Soup – ten cents…Stewed Chicken & Noodles – forty cents….etc.  Just about every other item was ten cents…well, the Tuna Fish sandwich was twenty-five – with Mikesell’s Potato Chips – five cents extra. And these 1941 prices were being charged last Tuesday in 2009!

Everyone stopped to chat-up Dotty Culp and her friend Mary Matthews – former director of Carillon Park.  The ‘Thirty Niner’s’ – a men’s group – were there.  Rodney Boren was the host, and his guests were Warner Kiefaber, Jim Harlan, and Jean Cummings.

Dale Nash and Aldene have been residents in the ‘high rise’ for a few months – along with their dog, ‘Zoro’ and their large, furry cat.  Nashy seemed to know everyone in the dining room and chatted-his-way through his going and coming. “We’ve still got our house on Woodstock,” said Aldene.  “Don’t think we’ll make the Miami Valley Hunt Ball this April – but we’ll be there next year.”

Nashy’s bill for three luncheons was $4.15.

The Oscar Focke family’s residence on Oakwood Avenue is now owned by Mark & Cindy Garner.  Course everyone in Oakwood lives in “…the old _____ house.” Oscar and Marie (once Fred Astaire’s dancing partner on Broadway) had five daughters and one son, Bill.  Connie Breen was the eldest, then Mary, the twins Ann Stemple & Helen Brown, and the youngest, Gretchen Focke.  All were raised on Oakwood Avenue, attended Harman, and Oakwood High School. Their parents lived on Oakwood the rest of their ninety-some years.

Gretchen died in February and her service was celebrated last Saturday at Calvary Chapel.  Rev. Joseph Goetz, a Harman and Oakwood classmate and great friend of Gretchen’s, was the celebrant along with the Rev. Johann Roten,  and Rev. Bertram Booby.  Rev. Tom Thompson, of UD, was the organist.  Cousin Bill Focke and his wife, MiMi were overheard as they admired the awesome ceiling of the Chapel, and the stone work, and…which led to wondering when the Chapel was built.  “I’ll go look for a corner stone,” said Bill.  None was found – but over the door was the date of 1902!

Connie’s son Bobby Breen was there from South Carolina.  His brother, Eddy, was busy handling details.  Gretchen’s brother, Bill Focke came from Maine.  Connie’s late-summer-early-fall-gang from Dayton (Weezie McGinnis, Joe Goetz, Hecks) see lots of Bill when in Mount Dessert.  They were busy making plans for their annual trek.

Pete & Marge Kuntz, Ethel Henry James, and Becky & Bill Rogge were in the group that proceeded to Connie’s home on Echo Springs for a wonderful afternoon of reminiscences – and delicious food by Benham’s.  Bill & Becky Houser were busy with their buffet table and chatting-up old friends.

March 17, 2009
Volume 18, No. 11

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