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Saint Patrick’s day was celebrated at Culp’s Café – complete with ‘green beer’, Irish Stew, corned beef ‘n cabbage, and two teen-aged dancers named Greer who did an ‘Irish Jig’!  One most enthusiastic diner was Anne Denison who took home “…two orders of ‘Irish” for our dinner tomorrow night.”

Lewis Echeverria was a graduate of Oakwood High School, Class of 1960.  Lewis was an AFS (American Field Service) exchange student from Victoria in the Basque area of northern Spain.  His ‘host’ family was Brad and Paula Schaeffer on Harman Avenue.

“We had a wonderful class,” continued Lewis.  “Bruce Comisar, Bonnie Geiger, Margie Todd Anderson, Connie Lytle and Rooney Mereness…I’ve been back for our ‘Twentieth’ and our ‘Fortieth’ Reunions…and Paula, Alan, and Kurt Schaeffer have visited me in Spain.  This year is the first time I’ve been with Doug Schaeffer in fifty years.”

“I received an Engineering degree from the Univ. of Madrid in ’67 and have worked in Eastern Europe for years.  This trip to Oakwood was to honor Paula on her birthday…yes,  I’ll be back next year for my Fiftieth Oakwood High School Reunion!”

Saturday evening was a performance in the Classical Series of the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra.  Dinner at ‘Citilites’ in the Schuster was delightful.  And then on the  pre-concert lecture in the auditorium.  The two lecturers were Robert Ward, composer of the second offering of the evening, and Pulitzer Prize winner for his ‘The Crucible’, and the Guest Conductor, Sara Jobin.  Questions from the audience were rapid-fire – and so were the edifying answers.

At 7:45 pm the lecture attendees found their rightful seats, and the stage was readied for the concert.  When Sara Jobin had ‘lectured’ she’d had long flowing stunning blond hair and a vibrant blouse and long skirt.  When she re-appeared as Guest Conductor she wore a black tux, and her hair was in semi corn-rows and a long pony tail.  “Is that the same lady we just saw fifteen minutes ago?” everyone asked their seat-mates.  Ms. Jobin’s conducting style was dynamite and she seemed to electrify the orchestra.

When the stage had to be re-configured for the piano in the second number, Ms. Jobin took the mike to “…tell you some stories.  First let me congratulate the audience for being here tonight and not at a basketball game.  I sure hope UD does well in the series…it’s awesome to be with Robert Ward…he’s been in the music business so long he calls Aaron Copeland  - ‘Aaron’ – imagine!”…

Chris Saunders and Anne Johnson, and Ed Kuhns were in their regular seats – front row first tier of the balcony.  Rev. Joseph Goetz could be seen in his regular seats on the main floor.  Joey Thiele was at dinner and the lecture.  John Remick chatted with friends following the concert.  

Last Sunday afternoon was one of the most exciting and delightful ever spent!  At 3 pm Oakwood-ites, High School parents, friends, students gathered for the matinee – and final performance of “Fiddler On The Roof”.  Broadway never put on a more polished, excitingly choreographed, staged, or costumed production of “Fiddler”!
Noah Berry really ‘nailed’ the role of ‘Tevye’, the Milkman.  Noah’s sister, Hannah Berry, played ‘The Matchmaker’.  Rumor has it Hannah’s been accepted at Wright State Performing Arts Department – look out Stuart McDowell!  ‘Tevye’s’ wife was played by Katie Mauch….his daughters were Krista Welter, Nora Murphy, Joanna Draper, and the youngest daughter was  Vivi Raab.  Vivi is a student at Harman Elementary.  Her parents, Maryann & Dr. Mike Raab were front’n center and sitting with Poky & Tony Huffman.  “I’m going home to call Sally & John Fisher to tell them whatta ‘star’ their granddaughter Vivi was in ‘Fiddler”.
Nancy & Rev. Jack Koepke, Trudy Krisher, Jerry McLearen, Dr. Ron Warwar and his sister Dr. Samia Borchers… were all clapping and cheering.  And whatta score: “Matchmaker”, “If I Were A Rich Man”, “Sunrise, Sunset”…..
Michael Wadham – Oakwood’s Director/Choreographer could give Harold Prince and Jerome Robbins (the Broadway originals) a few lessons!

March 24, 2009
Volume 18, No. 12

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