Power of the Pen winners

Power of the Pen team: Alexa Coon, Maddy Nagel, Hadley Smith, Ingrid Hofeldt, Lee McClory and Sophia Cothrel.



Sophia Cothrel fourth place, Mary Grace Donnelly 12th place.






Jr. High OMUN conference

Thirteen OJHS students spent March 8-10, 2009 in Columbus, Ohio at Ohio Model United Nations with one thousand other junior high students from around the state of Ohio.  The delegates represented the countries of Guatemala and Singapore during the mock United Nations Assembly.  Students spent many hours preparing a resolution, cultural presentation, and designing native attire.  

The following delegates attended the OMUN conference:

Guatemala: Melissa Fryman, Grace Geehan, Sarah Geehan, Kate Hochwalt, Sarah Moulton, Mae Raab, and Carly Sobol.  

Resolution Topic: Overflow of Organized Crime.

Singapore: Emma Hahn, Tia Manavis, Taylor Morrissey, Victoria Ordeman, Michael Thesing, and Ryan White.  

Resolution Topic: Securing the Malacca Strait.


Ohio Model United Nations Counsel Vice President for 2010 - Emma Hahn.  Emma will represent Oakwood High School as she sits on the mock United Nations Counsel for Junior High OMUN.

Outstanding Leadership Award - Carly Sobol.  Carly received this award for her leadership during the OMUN conference.

Hate groups thrive in hard times

The email of March 26 from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) caught my attention because one of my own personal goals as an educator for 50 years now has been to do my best to reduce the power, influence, and growth of hate and hate groups in our society.  The SPLC has been a leading fighter of such groups for years and has been very successful as well.

They have fought racist and religious extremists in court and have won major cases which put some groups “out-of-business”.  They recently won a case against the Imperial Klans of America for the brutal beating of a teenage Latino boy in Kentucky. The $2.5 million verdict was most powerful!

The email began with these words: “Fueled by immigration fears, the recession and the election of a black president, hate groups in America increased their numbers again in 2008.  The count now stands at a staggering 926 -more than a 50 percent increase since 2000.”

Much research has shown that a favorite target of such groups are our children - especially those in the middle grades from ages 11 to 15.  These young people are very tied to being a part of a group, being with the in-crowd, and seeking to be accepted.  This age is also very often found to exclude and even verbally attack peers who don’t seem to “fit in” with the crowd.

Our schools must constantly be on guard to prevent such actions.  Even more, they must work with a conscious effort to eliminate verbal and physical abuse of others. Anti-bullying programs are needed. Professional development efforts for faculty must be provided to help them with the knowledge and skills needed to cope with such behaviors by students.

A neo-Nazi leader was quoted in USA Today saying, “When the economy suffers, people are looking for answers… We are the answer for white people.”  The day after our President was inaugurated a white man in Massachusetts killed two black people and raped a third.  His arrest derailed a plan to invade a synagogue and kill as many Jews as possible.

I am glad that our Oakwood schools are aware of such problems and when any evidence of them surfaces locally, they have taken quick action to resolve them.  But this is a problem of society and the efforts of EACH of us is essential if we are to be successful in reducing the hate in our nation and world.

Sen. Husted seeking applicants

Senator Jon Husted (R- Kettering) is seeking local high school seniors who are interested in pursuing higher education at one of Ohio’s 35 participating career colleges.

The 2008-2009 Legislative Scholarship program sponsored by the Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools, offers over 180 scholarships opportunities worth more than $500,000 to graduating Ohio high school seniors working to obtain a job in an Ohio business or industry. The available scholarships would cover one-half tuition, or specific amounts that would be used toward the completion of a certificate, diploma or associate degree. Any student wishing to apply must complete the Legislative Nomination form and obtain the signature of a member of the Ohio House of Representatives or Ohio Senate. Senator Husted encourages all interested high school seniors to apply.

“I fully support the Legislative Scholarship Program because it provides high school seniors with an opportunity to pursue a quality, affordable higher education. As we work to compete with other states and countries, it is vital that we seek out new ways to equip our young people with the tools they need to succeed—this program works to accomplish that goal”.

For a complete list of approved schools and additional application materials, including the Legislative Nomination Form, please visit www.ohiocareercolleges.org. If you have any additional questions, or are interested in obtaining Senator Husted’s nomination, please contact his office at (614) 466-4538 or via email at SD06@senate.state.oh.us. The scholarship application deadline is April 1, 2009.

Harman school collecting labels

Harman School could use your help! We are collecting points from Campbell’s Labels for Education to help our school earn free supplies.  

Go to www.labelsforeducation.com to view eligible products.There is a collection bin located in the lobby of the Public Safety Building. Contact Victoria Delahunt at 602-8494 for more information.

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