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Last Monday evening the Miami Valley Bridge Center on Presidential Way was filled with ‘bidders’ and ‘responders’ and ‘passers’ and …questions for the director, Steve Forsythe.  The ‘Duplicate Boards’ were rotating, and every table was filled with would-be Culbertsons and Gorans, and ‘Life Masters’.

Dot Savage & Tom Kemp, Pattie Edmonson, Susan Harris, the Jack Taylors, and Paula & John Macilwaine were all ‘contenders’.  A late-Monday-night phone call from Dot Kemp reported:  “…had to call you…we were ‘second’ tonight!  “I’m surprised we weren’t ‘last’ with those two disastrous boards we played!”

Karen Roberts called from Michigan:  “…just found out ‘they’re’ having a meeting down by Houk Stream to discuss paths and trails on the West side of the Creek…the meeting’s tonight at five o’clock…so run down the hill…and call me back with what ‘they’ decide about the Centennial Park!”

“I was the only ‘plain-old-resident’ there,” was reported back to Karen.  “Everyone else was the Mayor Judy Cook and the Vice Mayor Carlo McGinnis, and the City Mgr. Norbert Klopsch,  and Stan Castleman, and … ‘They’ explained what the  three different colored stakes meant.  ‘Yellow’ was proposed path, ‘Orange’ was property-line for Jack Sullivan’s old area, and ‘Red’ was what’s existing and will be altered….I think!  Then we walked up to the ‘Hidden Garden’…that’s not on Al Leland’s property…his line is that green fence…then everyone said they’d be late for their meeting…and ‘Miss Fraser’ (dog) and I wended our way back up the hill to home!  Get home soon and join the early morning and late afternoon ‘dog walkers.  We miss you.”

‘Treasure Island’ was packed on Friday evening!  Every parking place was filled.  “Maybe we could park in the empty General Motors plant lot across the street!”  At six PM customers were told “…it’ll be a fifteen minute wait (translated meant:  at least half an hour) so some  were lucky enough to grab the two barber’s chairs inside the front door.  Sally Lincoln, Jane Haley, and Judy & Bill McCormick joined the waiting list.  Along came one of the owners to check the thermostat behind the barber chairs.  “I’ve brought my scissors….would you like a ‘trim’ while you wait?” he asked.

Judy McCormick tried to take pictures with her ‘cell phone’.  “I’ve never figured this out,”  she admitted.  “It says it’s ‘saved the pictures…but how do I see them?”  Well, it did help to pass the time…and dinner was well worth the wait!      

“Come spend a Mid-Summer Night’s the invitation from Lisa & Dewey Hollister  and Lisa’s parents Selma & Irving Harris.  “Dinner and dancing – in honor of Elizabeth Ammon Hollister”.  (Ammon Hollister has just graduated from high school and will continue her exciting singing career.  She’s a ‘mezzo soprano’ of great talent and it has been a delight to follow her developing talent through the years.

The party was at the historic Cincinnati Country Club on Grandon Road.  It was a beautiful evening so cocktails were on the lawn in front of the clubhouse.  It was a three-generational guest list with friends and family from California to Maine.  Morley Thompson, Sr. was the Californian.  Skidmore College of Saratoga Springs, New York was represented – Irving Harris was a former Board member of Skidmore.  Jimmy Woods, formerly owner of Red Fox Stables in Cincinnati, was there from his home in Florida.  ‘Haggie’ & Katherine Hilker ( The Cheetah Lady) were there – home from their farms in Namibia.  Katherine is one of the ‘founders’ of the Miami Valley Hunt.  Martha Hollister, grandmother of the guest-of-honor, has been a frequent guest of the MVH.  She looked fabulous in a Kelly-green sheath and stole.

Diane Babcock, Ron & Anne Shepherd, the Lou Prince’s, Morley Thompson, Jr. & Brenda were there.    A table mate said:  “Since you’re from Dayton…do you know Jean Woodhull?  If you can’t remember my complicated name – just tell her you met her bird-painter friend…and that I’m still working with the group that’s trying to find the ‘Ivory-billed-Woodpecker’ that was declared extinct in the 40’s  but has been ‘sighted’ twice in Arkansas…”


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June 16, 2009
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