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Oxen being gored

Regarding Tom Cecil’s letter excoriating Dave Letterman about his Sarah Palin jokes, I would refer him to the right wing noise machine’s tasteless attacks against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Had Letterman made a similar joke against Pelosi or Hillary Clinton, I suspect that instead of vociferous howls of protest from the Right, there would be deafening silence. I guess it depends on whose Ox is being gored.

Mike Holz
Dayton, Ohio


Gov. Palin following own agenda

In reference to the recent letter to the editor regarding David Letterman’s unfortunate choice of comedy material, I believe Mr. Letterman was wrong, knew he was wrong, and appropriately apologized. Having said that, some corrections to this letter are needed regarding what actually happened and to give the matter a slightly larger perspective.

First, Mr. Letterman did NOT specify which of Gov. Palin’s daughters he was referring to. However, as the older daughter recently gave birth out of wedlock, broke off her engagement with the father, then did the talk show circuit parading the matter in public, I think it’s likely that this is the daughter Letterman meant to refer to. Remember, the 14-year-old was a virtual unknown until Gov. Palin made a stink about this whole matter and brought her to public attention - then complained about that attention.

Second, while I am not an attorney, I believe there IS an important distinction between a 14-year-old and an 18-year-old in the eyes of the law as the notion of statutory rape would only apply to those under the legal age of consent - which is 18. I believe this is the point Letterman attempted to make when bringing this matter up.

Third, any public figure’s request that family be off limits is dependent upon not dragging your kids onto the public stage whether its to promote “ family values “, a pro life stance, abstinence, or (more likely) just to promote one’s political career. It also helps to refrain from engaging in a very public feud with your daughter’s former fiance. If Gov. Palin was really concerned about protecting her children, she would have accepted the first apology and let the matter die in a single day, rather than causing the row to be dragged out for several days, drawing more, not less, attention to her children. How many of us even knew the name of the younger daughter until Sarah Palin brought it into our awareness?

Finally, why was the whole situation handled in this manner by Ms.. Palin? Regardless of one’s political beliefs or feelings about the Alaska Governor, any assessment of her public conduct, both during the 2008 campaign - where she engaged in more personal attacks than the other three candidates combined (remember Obama “palled around with terrorists” who were engaged in their activities when he was eight years old!) - and in the months since then, gives a pretty good indication of what is actually going on.

Sarah Palin is clearly the most publicity hungry politician in America today - and that’s saying something. Whether it’s putting photo ops in the lower 48 ahead of the needs of Alaskans or her most recent publicity stunt, challenging President Obama to a footrace ( do you think perhaps the President of the United States has more important things to do than being a dupe to her latest grab for headlines? ), she clearly is more concerned about 2012 than she is about family or anything else - including actually governing her state.

So yes, David Letterman was in the wrong and has acknowledged this, but let’s not be so gullible as to think Sarah Palin a victim, or that she actually cares about the image of flight attendants. The only image she is concerned with is her own agenda and she has shown the willingness to exploit any situation that has the power to give her publicity and advance her obvious political aspirations.

Doug Gray
Oceanside, CA


Wright Library a great resource

Long before the current problem with state funding for libraries I’d been considering writing about our wonderful Oakwood Library. Now is the time. I confess I’d only used our library a few times in the last several years.

That changed when I started (in my late ‘50’s) an MBA program. The rigorous requirements of the regimen had me tap the resources in our library, where I found not only the books and professional journals I needed, but met the incredible supportive people at the Reference desk.

Because it had been so long since I was a “regular” I had no idea of the electronic resources available, or how they can do a thorough search for books not in our library. Every contact with people at the desk was courteous and polite, thorough, and, without question, kind, as they walked me through each step of the processes I need to use. They would always stop whatever they were doing immediately, look up, and were ready to help. I am grateful for their guidance and help.

I remember asking about a “books on tape” title, which they found. By the time I made it to the bottom of the steps they had it ready - someone had called ahead downstairs. That is only one example, but that kind of service that exceeds expectations describes every interaction I’ve had with library personnel. Thank you to the staff, the board, and to Oakwood for supporting such a remarkable resource!

Alan L. Kasprzak


Thanks to Lange School principal

Last week’s article on the partnership between Relay For Life and Lange School inadvertently omitted an acknowledgment of our gratitude to Lange School Principal Kathy Bartalo. Ms. Bartalo was instrumental in bringing us together with the Lange Kindergarten teachers and with Dr. Scalzo, and she helped shape the success of the June 8 event. We regret the omission—except that it gives us the chance to repeat our thanks to Ms. Bartalo and all who made the Lange mini-Relay happen!

Joanne McPortland
On behalf of the 2009 Oakwood Relay For Life




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