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The annual ‘Cropper’s Party’ for the Miami Valley Hunt was held on The Fourth of July – on Oakwood Avenue. If you’ve ‘…come cropper’ during the ’08 – ’09 hunting season you’ve got to entertain ‘…them what didn’t (fall off their horse) during… Also, the Annual ‘Puppy auction’ was held the same evening. This ‘auction’ is an insidious device to get contributions to the ‘Kennel Fund.’ Subscribers to the MVH can ‘bid’ on the privilege of naming a puppy. You don’t get the puppy – you just get the ‘privilege’. And, each puppy’s name must begin with the same initial as their dam – that means – their ‘Mother’. So, this was a ‘J’ litter…all nine of them – one male and eight females – all black ‘n white ticking.

It isn’t supposed to rain on the Fourth of July – but it did. Diedre & Eric Koik, and Carolyn & Mike Uecker, and Pam Grusz suggested letting the puppies play in the yards during the cocktail hour – held under the front porch and patio…then serve dinner where all forty-some subscribers ate all over the house…and then have the ‘auction’ down stairs (basement) in the old billiard room. Everyone knowing that: “…the longer the cocktail hour the bigger the ‘bidding’!”

“Croppers’ are always great ‘cookers’ so supper was a gourmet feast! Cindy & Bill Dreger, and Candy Carlson, and Carolyn Uecker, and Linda Parsons, and Donna & Mark Masters all brought delicious stuff. Bonnie Geiger wasn’t even a ‘cropper’ but she brought her famous ‘deviled eggs.’ And Eric Koik didn’t come-a-cropper either – but he did his world-famous ‘brats!

When it was time for the ‘auction’ – everyone was ready to go down stairs, sit down, have another…and bid on puppies. Ginny Whalen, one of the ‘founders’ of the MVH in l959 – bought the first puppy. Rosanne Allen, former Master, bought the second…Dave Corcoran, Candy Carlson, John & Linda McKean, Sue Marra, Harriet Pansing, and Ishil & Simon Eoaler who’re Oakwoodites, all ‘bought’ puppies.

Mary Alice & Mac McFarland are ‘landowners’ in the Urbana area. Mac was the greatest ‘paper towel & plastic bag cleaner-upper for the non-house-broken-puppies, Mary Alice is always ‘chair’ of the kitchen committee. Samantha & Mike Terry are ‘Kennel-Maid and Landowner – respectively – without which the MVH couldn’t operate.

Lee & Gary Kirkpatrick were there from Spring Valley. Lisa Kemme came from Cincinnati as did Tom Baumann, and long-time members Carrie & Richard Hill & Mary Jordan.

It was great to have Honey (or Trish) Hammer – who began hunting with the MVH when she was twelve. Richard Francis is another long time Patron. The new director of the USAF Museum, George Mongon was there. His wife Marcy is the equestrienne in the family. Teresa Norton came down from Gahanna. “Map-Quest go me all mixed up – what with the construction and closed streets!”

After one last romp in the grass the puppies were loaded-up in their hound truck and headed back to the kennels on Ludlow Road – each with a name they’ll have to learn.

Walter Schaller is back home to Dayton Country Club after running in the Alaska Marathon. “The temperature was perfect for running…like forty degrees.

Tuesday is ‘Chicken Night’ at DCC and John & Paula Macllwaine were there. “How did you do last night at the Bridge Center with the ‘Jacoby Transfer’ lesson?” asked a fellow chicken eater. “My partner and I were tops with 70 percent,” said Paula. “And, you must mention that I wasn’t there!” added John Macllwaine. “That explains why Paula did to well!” was the answer John got.

Tom Clark graduated from Oakwood High School six years ago. ‘Round Town’ has met Tom several times recently when he’s been visiting his Mother, Lindsey Clark of Walnut Springs Road. Tom is in the Peace Corps and serving in Honduras. When Lindsey stopped to see the Miami Valley Hunt’s ‘puppies’ on Saturday afternoon she mentioned her concern about the political situation in Honduras. “Tom is working in the countryside – about an hour away from Tegucigalpa. I’ve been able to talk with him. He says the Peace Corps has the situation well in hand…they’re ready to evacuate at any time…but I guess it’s a Mother’s privilege to worry…”



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