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Letters to the Editor_________________

Thank you, Book Sale volunteers and patrons!

I would like to thank all the people who made the Wright Library Book Sale a success again this year. The library counts on book sale receipts as part of its regular operating budget. We surpassed our sales from last year and exceeded our goal of $5,000. The book sale would not be possible without the hard-working volunteers who help before, during and after the sale. We appreciate all they do for us.

Thanks, too, to the Friends of Wright Library who worked during “Preview Night.” Linda Cosgrove, the library’s administrative services coordinator, deserves a big thank you for all the extra work she does to organize the sale and coordinate all the Friends and other volunteers.

Thanks, too, to everyone who helped support the library with their book sale purchases!


Ann Snively
Wright Memorial Public Library

Can’t spend way out of recession

Recently the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated a 10-year spending deficit of more than $9 trillion dollars. Since all actual expenses are much higher than originally projected, I will use $10 trillion as a reasonable compromise for ease of computation. Using a theoretical example of a person spending $100 a second; how long would it take that person to spend $10 trillion dollars?

The answer is: It would take 3,171 years (rounded) to spend $10 trillion at a rate of $100 per second!

A budget deficit of $10 trillion dollars or more over the next 10 years is madness. And, the $10 trillion does not include the cost of the Socialized Medicine Bill (House Bill 3200) which has been projected at another $1 to $3 trillion or more by 2019.

In the first eight months since President Obama was inaugurated, he has increased government spending more than four times the highest rate ever achieved by George Bush in 12 months.

America is broke! After two totally unnecessary bailouts (a two year moratorium on the Capital Gains tax would have turned things around), The United States doesn’t have any more money without raising taxes, printing bogus money or selling our assets with loans from China. We cannot afford any more spending; yet, Obama is proposing Cap and Trade, Car Check and other bills that have not even been analyzed or added to an already bloated agenda. We cannot spend out way out of recession. It has been tried often by many countries. None have ever succeeded.

Elections have consequences. Please keep this in mind when voting in 2010 and 2012. We need conservatives in both parties in Washington. Throw out the Liberal (Progressive) politicians that are responsible for the present fiscal and political mess.

As far as being a “true conservative,” Sarah Palin is the only person in politics today who deserves that title. Her work as Alaska’s Governor was outstanding. He qualifications are equal to those of Ronald Reagan, one of our greatest politicians, prior to his election as our President.

James J. Mischler, Jr.




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September 8, 2009
Volume 18, No. 36

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