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The Ham-Lets production last weekend was of ‘Academy-Award’ quality. The play was enacted at the Carriage Trace Center on Singletree Road – and there was SRO (standing room only). The ‘vehicle’ was: ‘Weekend Comedy’ by Jeanne & Sam Bobrick. The ‘time’ was Memorial Day weekend. The ‘scene’ was a two room vacation cabin in upstate New York – two couples rent the same cabin by mistake – both were looking for a quiet weekend by themselves.

The ‘cast’ of four included – ‘Frank’ (Mike Uecker) – a man in his early fifties, married to ‘Peggy’ for many years. ‘Peggy’ (Carolyn Uecker), ‘Franks’ wife is trying to keep their marriage fresh. ‘Tony’ (John Ferneding) a young urban professional type, who enjoys his current non-married life style. And ‘Jill’ (Julie Ferneding) a young woman who is ‘Tony’s’ girlfriend-wants-to-be-wife.

The logistic problems of one bedroom – with one bathroom accessed only through the one bedroom – the one couch in the living room - did lead to some great ‘scenes’ – ‘milked’ for maximum laughs from the audience – by this Broadway-caliber-cast!

Harriet Pansing & Dave Corcoran were the Producers of this terrific entertainment. Tom Maher, Pam & Carlo McGinnis, Rich & Cheri Ohmer, Rick & Kelly Tangeman, Ginny Whalen, Betsy & Lee Whitney, Jack O’Connell, and Mimi Greer – were still laughing after the ‘closing curtain’ (is there’d been one) and well into the great dinner by Leslie & Vail Miller.

There’s lots of digging-and-leveling-and-landscaping-and-stone-laying-and planting by the Siebenthaler Nursery crew on the West side of Houk Stream and up and under Al & Fern Leland’s manse – at the ‘Secret Garden’ now named the Francese Van der Hooven Garden in Oakwood’s Centennial Park. Be sure to walk in – from Runnymede Road under Jack Sullivan’s old home – or from the path along Houk Stream on the East side to the new ‘Centennial Bridge and then turn right up to the ‘garden’. You’ll not only see the ‘Garden’ – but chances are you’ll run into lots of your ‘dog-walking’ friends who frequent these paths twenty-four-seven.

As Terry Holton and another dog-walker were chatting it up at seven-thirty AM the other morning – along walked Debbie Sherk and Beth Merritt – but they didn’t even have dogs! Something must be done to rectify that.

Last week some Oakwood-Kettering-lunch-brunchers decided to try ‘Cobblestones’ in Waynesville. It’s a great destination. The food was terrific – and exotic – and delicious. And, there’s and there’s a great shop in conjunction with the restaurant!

And the gals ran into Susan Gowdy Stikle at ‘Marty Ohmer Cobblestones’. “She looks like both of her parents!,” said. “You remember Aileen and Bob Gowdy…our daughter Debbie was in school with her!”

Dr. Martha Moody has a new novel – just out. Martha is an Internist who took over Dr. William G. Cassel’s practice when he retired. All the while she was practicing she was writing a novel and when it came out – to great acclaim – Martha decided – to the great pleasure of her sons – that’s she’d retire-and-write…something she’d always dreamed of being able to do.

Her latest novel is entitled: ‘Sometimes Mine’ (Riverhead Books) and was introduced at a book-signing at Books & Co. at The Greene last week.

“Welcome to the Therapeutic Riding Institute’s 3rd Annual Friendraiser – ‘Frolic In the Fields’..” Abby Whitesell’s Beechwood Farm on Clyo Road was where the ‘frolic’ was held. “Come in your denim” continued the invitation – and you’ve never seen more cowboy hats, concho belts, western boots, fringed leather vests, turquoise jewelry, and Indian bolos…

‘TRI’ exists to improve the lives and health of children and adults in the Greater Dayton Area with special physical, cognitive, social, and psychological needs through EQUINE Assisted activities and therapies. Betty Lou Townley founded this program in 1973 and it has grown thanx to the John Berry family, Caryl Philips, the Whitesell family and their riding arena and barns at Beechwood Farm.

The guests, almost two hundred, gathered in the tent for cocktails, and greeting and meeting and then were invited by the MC Tom Routsong to step over to the out-door arena to watch two TRI riders demonstrate their accomplishments. Jennifer Newcomer and Joseph Moore earned the applause and admiration from everyone with their ‘trotting’, commanding their awesome and patient steeds, and their ‘gymkhanna’ (cq) demonstrations. Off their horses and facing the admiring audience they had their protective helmets removed and they were presented with straw cowboy - which they wore with pride for the rest of the evening.

Barb and Phil Singleton were ‘manning’ the TRI booth set by the entrance to the huge tent. Lisa Routsong, TRI board member, wore a chic brown Western dress with a concho belt to die for. Sherry & Steve Hayes shared a table with the Allen Schaeffers and Joyce Young, and Charles Berry. John Berry reported that Shirley will soon be out and about. (All of the gents mentioned above wore cowboy hats – all through dinner!)

You can’t have an Auction without an Auctioneer. And TRI had the best Auctioneer-in-the-west - Doug Sorrell! Old horsemen will remember Sorrell’s Everything for Horse ‘n Rider Store in Miamisburg. It was the only game for towns around. Doug began with a story about his belt buckle – everyone in the tent had been talking about it all evening. “Well, you all remember the Albers Grocery Stores and the brothers who owned ‘em. They loved to horse trade with me and one day one of ‘em wanted a pair of super expensive cowboy boots – like $250.00 and that was thirty years ago.

I wanted his buckle…so we traded…and I’ll bet there’s noth’en left of his boots today – but I’m still wearing his buckle!”

To liven-up the auction Tom Routsong commented upon Doug’s ‘girth’. “Hey,” answered Doug, “I’ve been dieting like mad – just to get back to ‘obese!” Next summer when you get your ‘Tri Friendraiser’ invitation – be certain you RSVP affirmative – ‘cause you’ll have the best time of your summer social season!



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