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What change are you scared of?

In response to Phyllis Teane’s letter (March 11, 2008) I would like to make a few clarifications. You claim, Phyllis, that things could not get much worse. Well for you, maybe that’s the case. Most Americans are experiencing hard times like never before.

You claim that Afghanistan could be in the hands of the Taliban. If you actually stayed informed, you would realize that Afghanistan is in great turmoil, and continues to see elevated levels of violence. You claim gasoline could be four dollars a gallon. Once again, if you stay informed and understood the history of oil, you would understand that four dollar gasoline in the United States is inevitable, and actually more likely to occur within the next few months. So you fear Obama will create “change for the worse”?

Be more specific, Phyllis, what change are you scared of? If you're scared of insuring the 45 million Americans who don’t have health care (I assume you already have great coverage), or if your think that our current foreign policy in the Middle East is creating a safer America, then you need to do your research. And I don’t mean watching Fox News more or listening to Rush Limbaugh.

You choose to spend your timing focusing on how ‘things could not get worse’. I would suggest that you target your energy on seeing how things could be better, and if you can picture, if you can imagine, trying to create Heaven on earth.

John Broz
574 Acorn Drive
Oakwood, OH 45419


No need for fake name

I’m just wondering, does anyone vet these letters?  “Phyllis Teane” indeed!  I agree, given the content of the letter (“We live on earth, not in heaven”, March 11, 2008), that Philistine is wholly appropriate, but still, we are adults, no?  

Come out from the shadows, Phyllis, into the sunshine of accountability. You don’t have to be afraid.

Glen Cebulash

Editor’s Note: Never gave it a thought that the name might be erroneous. But you know what? You are probably right. We have gotten a few “Allen Smithee’s” before too, no to mention other bogus signatures over the past 15 years.



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