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Patterson Road Farmhouse

2008 OHS Winter Sports Banquet

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KEY swimmers dominate District Championship

Fourteen Oakwood swimmers who are members of the KEY Swim Team from the Kettering YMCA put on a tremendous display at the Southwest YMCA District Championships at Countryside YMCA in Lebanon during the first weekend in March. Over 380 swimmers representing YMCAs in Springboro, Lebanon, Middletown, Kettering, Wilmington, Lakota, and Fairfield competed in this year’s initial championship meet.

The Oakwood swimmers posted 47 Top 10 finishes and won 8 events, making for a great reward after the seven-month season.  

Some of the Oakwood swimmers participating in this meet have also qualified for the League Championship at Miami University and for the Great Lakes Zone Championship at Cleveland State University. Both of these meets will be held in mid-March.

In addition, a number of older Oakwood swimmers have already qualified for the YMCA Short Course National Championships to be held in April in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  An article on these championships will be published in the coming weeks. Personal results from the meet are shown below.

Girls 9-10

Megan Schmitz (10)-1st 50 Freestyle; 1st 100 Freestyle; 1st 200 Freestyle; 2nd 50 Butterfly
Mira Rhodes (9)-7th 50 Freestyle; 3rd 100 Freestyle; 2nd 200 Freestyle; 9th 50 Breaststroke; 1st 50 Butterfly; 4th 100 IM
Annie Rhodes (9)-24th 50 Freestyle; 28th 100 Freestyle; 24th 50 Breaststroke; 15th 50 Butterfly; 23rd 100 IM
Breana Ramus (10)-15th 100 Freestyle; 21st 50 Breaststroke; 25th 100 IM

Girls 11-12

Rebekah Wilhoit (12)-33rd 50 Freestyle; 22nd 100 Freestyle; 10th 200 Freestyle; 15th 50 Backstroke; 11th 100 Backstroke
Rachelle Cook (11)-37th 50 Freestyle; 30th 100 Freestyle; 24th 50 Backstroke; 26th 50 Breaststroke; 18th 50 Butterfly

Girls 15-18

Haley Pohlman (16)-1st 50 Freestyle; 4th 100 Freestyle; 9th 200 Freestyle; 1st 200 Breaststroke; 3rd 200 IM
Sarah Wilhoit (16)-20th 100 Freestyle; 12th 200 Freestyle; 9th
500 Freestyle; 2nd 100 Backstroke; 2nd 200 Backstroke; 11th 200 IM
Maddie Hochwalt (15)-6th 50 Freestyle; 9th 100 Freestyle; 11th 200 Freestyle; 3rd 100 Butterfly; 3rd 200 Butterfly; 6th 200 IM

Boys 9-10

Zachary Johnson (10)-1st 50 Freestyle; 2nd 100 Freestyle; 2nd 200 Freestyle; 2nd 50 Breaststroke; 1st 50 Butterfly; 2nd 100 IM
Peyton Sawyer (10)-18th 50 Freestyle; 14th 100 Freestyle; 16th 50 Backstroke; 21st 50 Breaststroke; 8th 50 Butterfly; 18th 100 IM

Boys 11-12

Ryan Kugel (11)-9th 50 Freestyle; 5th 100 Freestyle; 6th 500 Freestyle; 5th 100 Backstroke; 4th 50 Breaststroke; 4th 100 Breaststroke

Boys 13-14

Micah Rhodes (13)-14th 50 Freestyle; 10th 100 Freestyle; 12th 200 Freestyle; 2nd 100 Backstroke; 5th 200 IM; 9th 200 Breaststroke

Boys 15-18

Sean Mooney (16)-9th 50 Freestyle; 7th 100 Freestyle; 10th 200 Freestyle; 2nd 500 Freestyle; 2nd 100 Backstroke; 5th 200 IM

Spring sports writers sought for Register

The Oakwood Register is looking for a few students and parents to volunteer and cover spring sports at Oakwood High School and write a short story about the games each week. Stories do not need to be “play-by-plays,” just an overview of the highlights and win-loss scores.

Sports to be covered include track, softball, baseball and boys tennis, all on the varsity level.  We also welcome junior varsity tennis and baseball and junior high baseball stories as space allows. Photos are optional.

Anyone who is interested please call Lance Winkler at the Register office,

Wooster offering girls soccer camps

Wooster Girls Soccer Camp, a residential girls only soccer camp, held at The College of Wooster, Wooster, OH is accepting registrations for its June 15-18 and July 6-9 sessions.  Group discounts are available.  All information is online at

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