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The Dayton Women's Club

The ‘Sustainer’s’ group of the Junior League held their annual ‘Tea’ last Tuesday. ‘Sustainers’ means  ‘Actives’-over-forty’ who’ve spent twenty years working conscientiously on the many civic, public, philanthropic, and private projects that have made the Junior League such an asset to the community.  ‘Sustainers’ know there are some pleasures to ‘maturity’.  They don’t get ‘assigned’ to committees – they can pick their own.  They no longer have to get ‘sitters’ for their pre-schoolers. (‘Sustainer’ Betty Hageman treasures a Mother’s Day letter from her grade school daughter:  “My Mother is in the Junior League.  She’s never home.”)

Nancy Gillaugh was Chair of the Tea – and everything was perfect –  fabulous food – terrific committee – beautiful flowers – and a sunny, salubrious day.   Of course Robert Pruett handled all the serving details.   Pattie Edmonson is CEO of the ‘Sustainers’ – so obviously the group is in good-hands.

Madonna Allread, Connie Breen, Gretchen Bullock, Maria Castleman, and Lindsey Clark were there.  Annabelle Cummings, a past president of the Jr. L., was given the ‘chore’ of ‘pouring’ tea’.  Betsy Whitney, Veronica Winwood, Bette Weinheimer, Chris Vradelis,  and Karen Volke had tea cups and were busy reminiscing.  Joey Thiele, Phyllis Thompson, Mary Lou Van Tassel, Barbara Sooy, and Judy Slanker all chatted with Sally Solarek.  Sally was on ‘the committee’ and that lovely ‘tea sevice’ at  the north end of the table  - was hers.  “I’ve got to watch the clock…my grandson is playing ball this afternoon – and my son is the coach!”

Joni Sherk, Celia Shulman, Ann Simms, Nancy Schooley, Carolyn Schoeff, and Wendy Scholl were together in the drawing room.  Everyone told Wendy how much they liked her tweedy suit.  Kay Farnbacher and Ginny Whalen ‘staked-out’ a corner and had a great chat.  Kit England, Jill Davis, Mary Donnelly and Marty Ebeling all were having great chats.  Sally Fisher and Weezie McGinnis ‘manned’ the Name-Tag- Table on the porch.  Maribeth Graham, Darlene Gutmann, Jane Haley,  and Becky Herbert certainly added to the fun.  Sherry Hayes was told by the hostess: “Run upstairs and say ‘hi’ to my husband.  He and your Mother (Jane Long Smith) started Kindergarten together at Longfellow School.  He’d love to see you.”

Mary Hornbeck, Milly Hubler, Macy Janney, Susan Katz, and Jill Kendall were all here.  Jill asked if husband Tom could come over to see “…that wonderful saddle rack in your basement…that you said my Dad (Jack Reeder) gave you years ago.” Jane Kuntz said she’d heard “…there is a new dog in this house.”  Nancy Kussman, Carolyn Medford, Janet Moland, Kathy Molnar, and Mauren Moser were in the group.  Barb O’Hara wore a great brown pants-suit.  When Trudy Lewis arrived someone introduced Trudy to the hostess.  After the laughing died down Trudy explained:  “I’ve known Phyll since the second grade at Longfellow School!

When Carol Pohl walked in the front entrance she said:  “I want to meet your new dog”…so she headed to the garage to meet ‘Miss Fraser’.  It’s a wonder she didn’t end up washing cups since she had to navigate the kitchen.  Rita Price was ‘on the committee’.  Her ‘goodies’ were great, but she lost her shoes during the post-party-clean-up detail.  They were later found under a dining room chair.

Sally Riffle, a past Pres. of the Jr.L., headed for the back porch and said:  “Show me the new bridge across Houk Stream.”  “Well, its right down there but you can’t see it since the leaves are out on the trees.  Joann Ringer, Jane Rininger, Jenni Roer, Lois Ross, and Chris Saunders all made it a wonderful afternoon.

“You are invited to a gathering in Jean Woodhull’s  garden to celebrate the vision of an emerald necklace with Friends of the B-W Greenway Community Land Trust on May 14th at 1200 Runnymede Rd.  Hosted by Jean Woodhull  and  John & Barbara Rion.”  However – the ‘Weatherman’ did not co-operate – and  Jean’s magnificent-English-plus-Prairie-gardens were ‘viewed’ from two large openings in the hastily erected tent.  In one corner of the tent a quartet playing early Irish instruments and lilting Irish tunes charmed the guests.  One ‘guest’ was seen ‘dancing (?)’ an Irish jig. The players were from Yellow Springs.

The excellent presentation for the ‘Emerald Necklace’ around greater Dayton explained the concept for the acquisition of lands to be put in trusts to preserve our natural assets.  The ‘B-W Greenway’ title stands for ‘Beaver-Creek Wetlands Association’ which would become the ‘clasp’ for the ‘proposed’ encompassing necklace.  The ‘Siebenthaler Fen’ is part of the B-W Greenway.  Bob & Joan Siebenthaler were in attendance.  So were many neighbors of Jean Woodhull and the Rions.  All guests were given an actual, long, green, necklace which will be a constant reminder of the project the project  just presented to them.

You’ve GOTTA-GO to two theatrical shows – now playing in the Dayton area!!!  Wright State University Theatre Arts Department is currently playing: ‘Lady Be Good’ by George & Ira Gershwin.  It’s fabulous!  Call WSU’s  theatre office and make a reservation at 775-2500.  Opening night was packed and the audience clapped, laughed, stood, and cheered!  ‘Round Town’ sat next to Kim & Shelly Goldenberg, in front of Vicky Oleen, and behind Univ. of Dayton Professor Romagara.  Go!

The other MUST-SEE is ‘Young At Heart’ at the Neon on Fifth St.  It’s another:  clap, stamp your feet, shed-a-tear, and never-forget movie staring the Senior Citizens Choir from Northampton, Mass – with Bob Sielman – the Director.  Sounds dull?  It aint!  It’s Rock-n-Roll at its ‘wildest’.  Bob Sielman is married to Polly Cassel, daughter of Dr. William Cassel of Ridgeway Road, and grad. of Oakwood High School.   She’s a custom furniture designer and maker of Northampton, MA and Bob began his senior choir when with the Social Welfare Dept. of Northampton.  Bob has taken his choir to Europe, Asia, and all over the US.  Time magazine, the NYT, and BBC have covered the choir many times.  You’ve gotta-go to the ‘Neon’.

Milly Hubler got-up a ‘theatre-party’ on Friday for ‘opening-night’ of ‘Young At Heart’. In the ‘party’ were Fred & Marty Ohmer, and John Remick, and several others. When the movie ended they headed for Dayton Country Club for dinner.  The parking-lot was filled and so were the dining rooms.  Angela & Ken Pohl were having dinner with the Jerry Millers.  Carol Brietenbach came over to chat.

May 20, 2008
Volume 17, No. 21

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