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Piqued over Sugar Camp ‘progress’

Tears came to my eyes as I drove by the “Sugar Camp” development today. The beautiful trees were homes and shelters to many, many animals. Also, the pristine land was a haven for wildlife as the city surrounds the area.

Truly, we must live with nature and realize that we are not the only species on this breath-taking Earth. My heart aches for every frightened creature whose home was loudly destroyed, family brutally killed and life tragically taken – all for the sake of “progress.”

Assuredly, in the larger spectrum, as the green space is destroyed, the negative ramifications are axiomatic for all mankind.

Kathilyn Bigler


Put dog park at Old River

I attended the meeting for the proposed dog park to be put in at Creager Field. I know that many people in Oakwood love their dogs, and wish for a place to exercise/ socialize them. I completely agree, but think that the city officials have overlooked the neighbors of the proposed site. And even after I brought it up at the meeting, I received major backlash and head bobbing, as in complete disagreement.

Upon mentioning the fact that barking dogs might be a problem, I was advised to call the Oakwood PD, because “they have nothing better to do.” I believe that there are several officers who would disagree.

I hope that city council hears from the residents to put the park in a more centralized location that will not infringe on the peacefulness of the neighborhood setting on Shafor Boulevard. Also, citizens of Oakwood should share their opinions, because your tax dollars are being used to build this park!!  

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put the dog park down at Old River!!


Kerry Ulery
225 Shafor Blvd

One vote for dog park

On Tuesday, May 27, I, along with about 30 others, attended a public information meeting concerning the establishment of a dog park at Creager Field. The field is the 0.6 acre space atop the hill at Irving and Shafor, behind the public works complex. It has 20+ parking spaces, is surrounded by shade trees and, though currently unused, is maintained/ manicured by the city.

I was impressed by Dan Ruble’s presentation and plans for both layout and responsible dog park conduct guidelines. His assessment of the space as conforming to established AKC principles, handicap accessibility and plan for separate large and small dog spaces was well-received. I was pleased to see two councilmen (Byington and Castleman) and Mayor Cook in attendance.

Oakwood has 2498 dog licenses, roughly two for every three households. Two realtors in attendance agreed dog parks are a requested amenity when relocating to the area and email opinions sent to the city are running approximately 98 percent in favor of its establishment.

The nearest dog parks are in Dayton, Xenia and Centerville, accessible only by car (at $4/gallon). With minimal investment in fencing (border fencing and safety leash/unleash areas), instruction signs, benches, trash receptacles/pick-up and water fountains, the park could open. Amenities could be evaluated and added if needed.

A family in attendance suggested the park be a “pick-up” baseball field for 9-13 year olds, citing a lack of play space in town. Others countered by listing existing available park space and plans for the reassessment of Old River Park. Furthermore, due to Creager Field’s relative isolation, safety issues (activities in the park are hidden from outside view) and abbreviated size (since the increase of city facilities space), it seems inappropriate for unsupervised youth activities. A homerun could land on either Irving or Shafor with shorter hits tangling in the trees down the surrounding hills.

Instead of a 1-2 season park, Creager Field would be a dawn to dusk, seven day a week, year-round asset for the community. Children could go with their parents and pets for a spirited game of fetch, commuters could enjoy a morning coffee and enterprising individuals could offer dog exercising services for canines with working owners. Most importantly, it would supply a much-needed exercise area, as dogs are prohibited from all other Oakwood parks and prohibited from running free. Additionally, many feel dog parks aid in socialization of dogs, as they interact with others and owners. As those who have frequented other parks know, dog parks are good neighbors: safe, mostly quiet and odor-free.

Many dog walkers in my travels have expressed support for an accessible park. Now seems the time and Creager Field seems the place. If you support this, contact your council or the Department of Leisure Services at (937) 298-0775.

Wayne Anderson


Centennial film seeking Park Avenue images

The Oakwood Centennial Film, Our Home on the Hill is currently in the edit suite at The Miami Valley Cable Council (MVCC). We are desperately trying to find historic images of Park Avenue and the businesses that once stood along it.  These images would include Bob Parks Pharmacy, George Mann’s Barber Shop, and Williams Market. We would appreciate your help. Please contact Harrison Gowdy at 643-4075 before Friday, June 6th.

Thank you,

The Oakwood Centennial Film Committee


Patriotism comes from within

Did anyone else see the irony of Dr. James Uphoff’s article entitled “Support our troops: teaching patriotism”? Under the guise of this header was nothing but disconnected criticisms of our government. If Dr. Uphoff is blindly trusting our nation’s drive-by media to present fair and balanced “evidence” about the accomplishments of our country and troops in Iraq (and elsewhere), he unfortunately will be forever misinformed.

On the other hand, if he is like many critics, perhaps he does not care to acknowledge the good America and our troops have achieved. To them, the glass will always be half empty. True, there are errors in our military support that should promptly be rectified. Our troops should be treated with unwavering support, both financially and with our words and actions. Supporting our troops means voting against cutting their expansion or funding for training and supplies, voting against giving them an “end all” deadline to complete their work, and trusting the military and the generals who guide them to make the decisions of what is best for our troops.

Regardless of the tiresome rant of our government “lying” to us about weapons of mass destruction, the decision was made by our government to commit troops to Iraq. The world is watching us and waiting to see how our nation reacts to the realities of war.

Dr. Uphoff states he wants educators to set a positive example of national support. I am saddened he feels schools are struggling to find current positive examples of what our great nation is doing. I can think of countless examples, but then again, I see the glass as half full. Patriotism comes from within oneself, allowing you to share it with others.


Nicole and Mark Harris, public school employees who do not need any form of “government leadership” to urge us to demonstrate our patriotism.

A big thanks to the After Prom food providers

On behalf of the Food Committee for Oakwood After Prom, we want to say a special thank you to our biggest supporters: Todd Rogers of Donatos Pizza for donating the pizza and subs and Bill Stump of Dairy Queen on Shroyer for the sundae cups. They were enjoyed by all. Thank you for helping to  make Oakwood After Prom a memorable evening for our Oakwood students.

Diane Scott, Julie Mays, Marygena Lynn
Food Committee Co-Chairs


Thank You

We would like to take a moment to say how grateful we are for the loving community in Oakwood.  My mother battled cancer this past year and just passed away May 24, 2008.  

The love and support we received in this community has been HUGE!  Many, many meals, help with our children, flowers, kind cards, neighborly kindnesses and an overall outpouring of love was shown to us during this challenging time.  All of this is amazing especially due to the fact that my mom is not from this area.  We brought her here to help care for her and we thank each of you who showed our family much love and support during this time.  

What an awesome and generous community we are blessed to live in.

With appreciation,

Heather and Michael Ruetschle and family



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