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Remembering a lost son…

Remember my book, “Love, Mike”? Report on trip to Tanzania to bury my son, Michael. The weather was terrible and we failed. We left his burial plaque August 1973 with Father Kanda, St. James Seminary Moshi. On January 5, 1974, he advised Mike was buried. No details. Last week, approximately 35 years later, a relative visited me with a book from Wright Library titled, “Kilamanjaro.” On Page 113
appears a photo of Mike’s plaque.

James E. P. Sullivan

Editor’s Note:  The book referred to by Mr. Sullivan was an article by James S. Milledge, a respiratory physician writing about altitude sickness and the dangers thereof, which Mr. Sullivan’s son died of 36 years ago while attempting to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro.

Centennial Recollections kudos

Enjoyed the article about the “Old Barn Club” and “Runnymede Playhouse” I have a receipt from The Old Barn Club, formerly The Hills and Dales Club,” dated Oct. 2, 1922. My parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Hinders had their wedding breakfast there and the total cost was $22.50.

It is signed by Mabel Brnedley (Sec.)

E.J. Scott

Great job, kids!

Seventy Oakwood elementary students gave their all this summer to help make a child’s special wish come true. In the process they learned the value of helping others. South Connection raised a grand total of $1600 for The Special Wish Foundation.  They earned the money by conducting a Dog Wash, Candy Sale, and
Rummage Sale.  The little entrepreneurs worked hard and exceeded all expectations.

Christy Smith
South Connection Enrichment Program
219 W. Dorothy Lane
Dayton, Ohio

Re: August 5, 2008 edition

Concerning the Essays from the Oakwood Historical Society article “Park Avenue
first host to commerce in the area.”

The lady in the Park Avenue photograph (Williams Market and Bakery) is my grandmother, Irene (Harshman) Ohmer. She and my grandfather, Colonel Robert Ohmer, resided at 36 Spirea Drive from 1917 to 1942. The photo is likely early 1940’s (not 1952) as my grandfather returned to active military duty (WWII) in January of 1942.

Susan Ohmer Castle





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