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The Ham-lets, ‘that really-hammy/self-proclaimed-semi-pro/pure-corn-ball’ play-reading group that’s been entertaining it’s own membership plus a few lucky guests… for years and years…met Sunday evening at Carriage Trace Community Center.  The Producers were Bob and Lori Wilke.  The play was:  The Curious Savage.  “Where on earth did you find this ‘vehicle’?”  someone asked Bob Wilke. “We saw it last year at Fairmont High School!”

The scene is an up-scale, exclusive – well, asylum for the ‘mentally disturbed’.  (Is that politically correct?)  Dana Cunningham plays ‘Miss Willie’, the Matron.  Leslie Miller, Sheri Ohmer (self-proclaiming ‘beauty’ Queen), Angela Dunaway who ‘hates everybody and everything, are the lady ‘guests’ in the opening scene.  There are two gentlemen (?)…an unrecognizable  Dr. Dan Dunaway with a large bay-window, a lisp, a guitar, and an attitude.  And Dave Corcoran who has to hold his right ear so nothing will ‘…get out, or get in’…we forget which.  Then Senator Teddy Kennedy is really Dan Ferneding, and the Senator’s  wife is really his wife, Mary Ferneding.

The Matron and the Guests are atwitter awaiting the arrival of a new …Guest.  It’s Senator Savage’s Mother – played by a really, truly Pro – Pam McGinnis!

Following each Ham-lets production the members must mark their ballots - for each December the Academy Awards Banquet is held at Moraine CC.  Actors are graded from one to ten.  Here’s the Wilkes ballot:  10 – Perfection! You nailed it!  9 – Excellent, loved your interpretation!  8 - Really well done   7 – Good Job  6 – Almost there!  5 – Appreciate your effort   4 – Looked great in the costume  3 – You’ve got guts!  2 – Don’t quit your day job!  1 – What were you thinking?


August 26, 2008
Volume 17, No. 35

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