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Jack Matthews pens 5th book of wisdom

“The moment you were pulled from your mother’s womb and slapped on your butt to suck air into your lungs, you began incurring a debt of giving something back…and you started to grow - thanks to the good Lord.” Thus spake Oakwood icon and author John K. (Jack) Matthews, who is at it again, having just penned his fifth tomelet (a cross between a booklet and a tome) within the past three years.

Entitled Giving Something Back–The Golden Rule. The book is a compendium of wisdom, observations and anecdotes gleaned from a lifetime of observing and commenting on life in general.

“My incentive for creating and writing these books has been the gratification I have received through the comments, phone calls, and notes I have received from friends and people I don’t really know who have read them and told me how much they enjoy them,” Matthews said. The current edition is witty, wise and at times - a bit ribald. It is also very funny in most spots.

All five separate volumes of Matthew’s books are available for a $5 contribution to ones’ favorite charity. A five volume set is available for $20 and can be picked up at the Oakwood Register office, 435 Patterson Rd., Dayton.

Christmans named OFMC Musical Family of the Year

A local family with Oakwood ties has been selected as the Ohio Musical Family of the Year by the Ohio Federation of Music Clubs.

Dr. Kenneth Christman, his wife, Sally Etter Christman, and sons Christopher and Donovan will be honored at the OFMC biennial state convention to be held Oct. 17, 18 and 19 at the Holiday Inn in Fairborn. On Saturday the Christman family will open in concert.

Dr. Christman, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, spent his early childhood in Brazil and Peru where he studied piano, violin and trumpet. Sally Christman, an Oakwood native whose mother, Ruthanne Etter, still resides in Oakwood, is a pianist and harpsichordist. She graduated from Wright State University and holds a master’s
degree from Cincinnati College Conservatory in piano performance. Both she and her husband are performing active members of the Dayton Music Club.

But music doesn’t stop with the parents. Their two sons, Christopher, 14, and Donovan, 12, play piano and violin and both have participated in the Ohio Federation of Music Clubs Junior Music Festivals, winning first place and superior ratings. Christopher is a member of the Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. Donavan is in his second year as a member of the Dayton Philharmonic Junior String Orchestra.

The Dayton Music Club was organized in the 1800s and remains a vital, important part of Dayton’s music and cultural landscape

City Notes...

Sign ordinance amended

On Monday, Oct. 6, the Oakwood City Council voted to amend the City of Oakwood’s sign regulations, to become effective immediately, particularly as it relates to temporary signs. The 30 day time restriction was eliminated for temporary signs, and there can be no more than 12 square feet of total signage on a residential zoning lot at any one time.

No sign can exceed six square feet (about the size of a real estate sign). In other words a typical political sign is about three square feet so a resident can have no more than four of these signs on their lot at any one time. Residents are still prohibited from placing signs within the public right of way or on city owned property such as parks, boulevards, etc.

The ordinance continues to prohibit lead-in signs for garage sales or real estate. Only one real estate sign is permitted per residential lot. Estate, private and garage sale signs are only permitted on the property where the sale is occurring. The signs cannot exceed 12 square feet. Signs can only be posted 24 hours prior to and must be removed 24 hours after the sale. The telephone of the responsible party must also appear on the sign.

Gas line inspector legitimate

Over the past several weeks the Oakwood Public Safety Department investigated several complaints from residents about an individual who came to their homes stating he was inspecting the gas lines. Several residents called after reading another article in the newspaper and expressed concerns about the legitimacy of this person.

On Oct. 13, Oakwood Public Safety Department Officers investigated a call from a concerned resident regarding a news article about an individual who had reportedly entered a number of houses in the Oakwood area stating he was inspecting the gas lines. The Oakwood Public Safety Department has verified that the individual in question works for Heath Consulting a company out of Texas. This company is under contract with Vectren to perform gas line inspections inside resi dences in the Oakwood and Dayton areas.

The Oakwood Public Safety Department wants to reassure residents that this company and the work being done have been verified and is legitimate. We also want to encourage all citizens to request picture identification before allowing anyone you do not personally know or have scheduled for work to enter your residence without verifying their identification.

Recreation space meeting on Oct. 21

The city of Oakwood will conduct a community meeting in the council chambers at the city building,  at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 21 to discuss public athletic and recreation space.  City officials will make a brief presentation. Thereafter, city officials will ask for public comments regarding the facilities and will solicit ideas on possible future facility improvements. 

The first meeting was held on Sept. 18 and approximately 40 citizens attended.  Although this second meeting is open to all Oakwood residents, it is intended primarily for those citizens who were unable to attend the Sept. 18 meeting.  Following this meeting, Oakwood City Council and staff will develop a process for creating a comprehensive athletic and recreation facilities master plan.

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