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Keepin’ the old folks in Oakwood

Regarding the opinion piece in the Register (Nov. 4) concerning a Senior Center, I think its a great idea.  It really doesn’t do anything to property values negatively, nothing a funeral home hasn’t already done. While Oakwood is focused on making the 60-year-old folks happy now with the Pointe development, I see a fair amount of seniors that could utilize something like this right now.  My neighbor is a good example - she’s over 80, lives alone, and while independent she could use some help here and there that doesn’t come in the form of her kids coming from 30 miles away to take her to lunch or just let her spend some time with other folks.

I’d donate to it simply to keep businesses off the corner.. I live 10 houses down and am definitely not a fan of putting more hair salons and coffee shops around here.
My 2 cents...

Mike Green

Looking to the future

I am an Oakwood resident who teaches in a local area high school.  On Election Day I facilitated discussions with my students regarding the important issues that defined this election. To enable them to speak freely, without feeling judged, I never allowed my personal views to be known. These lively discussions not only made it clear that students were well informed, but that the majority of them, if eligible, would vote for Barack Obama. Therefore I knew that today, November 5th, the post-election discussion would be disheartening for some.  But I knew I had a choice as to how I was going to approach this day, and the four years to come.  My students made the choice clear.

As the day began I fully expected them to be typical teenaged students - many loudly cheering the “win”, and some bitterly mourning the “loss”.  This was not the case at all.  Instead there was an amazing and palpable energy that filled the air.  Students were walking tall with that sense of pride that comes with enormous accomplishment.  They knew something truly amazing and historical had happened .  As the day wore on I began to realize that regardless of winners or losers, today just felt brighter.  I am thrilled to see what Barack Obama represents for our youth - a sense of hope and inspiration.  Trust me; they want to be hopeful.  They want to be inspired.

Regardless of my political views and personal values, come January Barack Obama will be my president - our president.  We need to rally around this occasion and begin to fill the chasm that separates Democrats from Republicans, Liberals from Conservatives.  I embrace this historical moment in our country’s history and pray that President Obama will lead us in the right direction.

I shared the following JFK quote with students today… “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past are certain to miss the future.”  I am taking heed.  I choose to be hopeful.

Rana Peake
Corona Avenue

Thank you!

Fairview Elementary Neighborhood School Center of Dayton would like to thank Phi Alpha Delta of UD, Oakwood High School’s Ecology Club, Kamela and Company Realty and National City Mortgage for their generous donations of school supplies and gifts for the teachers and students of Fairview Elementary NSC. Everyone at Fairview was extremely excited to put them to good use in classrooms, art class and throughout the school. Thank you again to all who participated!

Channing Kordik
Fairview Elementary NSC



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November 18, 2008
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