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The University of Dayton “Diversity Lecture Series” was held at the Kennedy Union last Tuesday evening.  ‘Round Town’ was invited by ‘Honorary UD Board Member’ Weezie McGinnis, to attend the Presidents’ Reception at Marian Hall preceding the Lecture.  It was a great opportunity to meet and chat with the speakers – Reza Aslan and Mark Ginsberg - two internationally recognized authorities on the politics, faith, and society in the Middle East.

Mark Ginsberg is “…a Jew born in New York  and raised in the Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon…foreign policy advisor to President Kennedy, served as President Clinton’s deputy press secretary, and was appointed by Clinton as Ambassador to Morocco.”

Reza Aslan was born in Iran and now lives in Los Angeles where he is Assist Prof. of creative writing at the Univ. of California.  When Moderator, Prof. Flashman, introduced the lecturers, their mutual respect for one another, yet their opposing views for solutions became obvious.  Prof. Aslan said President-elect Obama has two wars to face – Russia and China.  His administration will be based on intelligence…he will talk to our enemies. Ambassador Ginsberg said Obama has inherited a calamity…but he will think outside the box.  Aslan predicted that “…by 2040 there will be no Israel or Palestine…they will have imploded themselves!”

Sara & Jean Woodhull, Tracy & Irv Bieser, Carol Powell were familiar faces in a fascinatingly diversified and very large audience.

Marti & Fred Ohmer had one of their famous-for-being-really-different-parties on Friday evening at NCR Country Club.  When their son, Rick, took the mike as MC he announced “…it’s Mom and Dad’s sixty first wedding anniversary!”  Marti jumped up and said:  “…that’s not the reason for this party…we just wanted to entertain all of our friends!”

Big Ten Football was the theme – and you’ve never seen so many OSU  bright RED sweaters. They couldn’t have all been alumns!  But, there was one genuine, All-American, Rose-Bowl Game OSU Football team player there!  Jack Wagner!!!  And there were two Ivy Leaguer alums – Bud Welch & Tom Gillaugh.  Milly Hubler wore an ‘Ohio State T-Shirt’ “…that I bought at the Dollar Store.” “You paid too much”, said an unkind friend.  Betty & John Henry, Ginny Hess & Jim McCoy, Theresa & Emil Mershad, and Aldene & Dale Nash – wore ‘civies’.  June & Frank Herschede, Dave & Kay Robinson, and Lisa & Mike Wenzler, and an old gal who said she’d graduated from a small woman’s college in Virginia which taught ‘horse’, not ‘football’.

Mary & Dick Karr, Patty Ballard, Barb Farley, Connie Breen shared a table with Do & Jack Wagner.  Jack would not predict who’d win OSU’s game with Univ. of Ill. the next day.  (It was OSU 30 – Ill. 20).  Sudi & Lee Wiedeke, Marian & Joe Buchannon, Dick & Jean Sherwood, D.L. Bachus & Joe Aceto, Bob & Jane Laumann, Bob & Betsy Harris, and Pat Koons were mostly  ‘turned-out-in-red’.

Dick & Marge Fisher would have been more recognizable in ski-gear.  “Remember the fun we used to have at Otsego?”  “Yeah,” said Dick.  “I helped load Jack Heck into Dr. Bob Skipton’s car when Jack broke his leg skiing….that’s been twenty years ago!” Nancy Leonard and Beth Cowden talked ‘football’ with everyone. Rick Ohmer took the mike and announced the ‘football trophy awarding’ would begin.  “Draw a slip of paper from the envelope on your table.  Your card will have  …tackle, or linebacker, or referee, or guard….etc. on it.  When your ‘position’ is called – raise your hand and the Ohmer Team will deliver your prize.”  The delivery team was decked-out in OSU vests worn by Angela Ohmer Dunnaway, Missy Ohmer Everman, and granddaughter Ashley Everman.  Every prize hadda football theme and was gift wrapped in an old paper sack.

The seventy-ninth WAFFLE SHOP at Christ Episcopal Church on 20 West First Street will begin this Tuesday and continue Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Come downtown for the 79th year of delicious waffles, sausage, soup, sandwiches, pie, bazaar, raffle, and Celebrity Bakers!

You’ll see everyone you know!  Come every day!  Bring friends! It’s the most gala kick-off of the Holiday season!

Celebrity griddlers will be Cheryl McHenry, Rhine McClin, Asa George, Kim Faris, and Tom Nichols.

November 18, 2008
Volume 17, No. 47

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