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All the property owners along Houk Stream – between Runnymede and Ridgeway Roads - received a letter from the City of Oakwood saying a major landscaping project would begin on the Centennial Park on the West side of the stream.  “The concrete retaining wall of the old tennis courts will be removed, the hillside will be graded, the ‘road’ will be improved….large earth-movers, dump trucks, tractors etc. will be working”.  All of the above began Monday a week ago.  The temperature was well below freezing and one of the ‘crew’ said “…it had to be or we’d have had all the heavy equipment mired-in-the-mud.”

As of last Thursday they were finished….the ugly,  grafitti-ed wall is gone, and the ‘road’ is still ‘hard’ enough to walk upon.  All the ‘dog-walkers’ are happy, and let’s hope no more ‘improvements’ will be made.

“Fiddler On The Roof” will be presented at Oakwood High School’s auditorium on Friday, March 20 at 8 p.m., Sat. the 21st at 8 p.m., and Sun. the 22nd at 3 p.m.  “This musical would not be possible without your generous support,” read the ‘flyer’.  Tickets may be ordered at the High School, or bought at the door.  Be sure to go!

Marian Buchannon had friends for lunch and bridge at Sycamore Creek County club – last Wednesday.  These days lovely homes line the old entrance to what was a beautiful horse farm.  A wonderful golf course lies in the rolling acres of what was horse pastures.  George Kling, Sr., and Warner Kiefaber were the founders and developers of the Club and it’s been a great success.  This was one of the first times ‘Round Town’ had been in the Club House and not seen Ben Sproat  chatting-up members.

One of Marian’s guests was Trudy Kent Lewis.  ‘Remember our years at Longfellow Grade School’, was one topic discussed with Trudy – who graduated from Oakwood…”…when the redistricting of our area would have sent me way over to Roosevelt.”

“I’ve not been to ‘Geez’ for years,” said Jo Granzow. The place was packed with families, couples, and stags watching the multiple TV screens showing ‘games’.  Jo’s been on the national board of Garden Clubs of America, she’s working on the Arcade project now, and also told what’s happening at Carillon Park.

“Tell me about your daughter, DeDe Granzow.  (Who hunted with the Miami Valley Hunt during her high school years at OHS.)  DeDe married an Englishman and lives in London.  “How did she meet David?”  “She was in the State Department Foreign Service and was assigned to London.  A class-mate of hers from Dartmouth introduced them…they’ve been married for twenty five years.”

“She’s really kept-up with her Dartmouth class…once a year at least six of the girls meet in New York City for a week.  Some of them live in NYC – so Dede has the farthest to come.  Oh, one of her best friends from school is Diane Taylor.  She’s mentioned often in the press for she’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s friend.  As Michael also has a ‘flat’ in London – the two class-mates see each other often.

“When Dede’s class had their 25th reunion in Hanover several years ago Diane and Michael came.  At dinner the night before the banquet Michael asked DeDe what he should wear.  “Is it shirt-n-tie, or turtle-neck, or dress-suit, or tux, or what?”  “It’s all of the above!” answered Dede.  “That’s no #*%$ answer”, said Bloomberg.  “Well, then wear your &%$#* tie!” said DeDe.  “He roared, and we’ve been relaxed friends ever since.”

Mayor Rhine McLin was on the phone inviting fellow Democrats to the Headquarters for a soiree last Friday evening.  Do you remember her father, C.J. McLin?  He was a famous local politician.  Dan Coughenour, Sr. was V.P. of Rikes and handled Dave Rike’s political issues…. so Dan saw a lot of C.J.  “If you handed C.J. a mike,” Dan often said, “He could charm a buzzard off a gut wagon!”

March 10, 2009
Volume 18, No. 10

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