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Read Label Before Use

Have you noticed that everything you pick up now has a label on it? Check it out…it’s true. I bought bananas yesterday and they all had a teeny tiny sticker on them that said “banana”. It got even better when I bought apples….not only did each little tag say “apple”, but each one had its own little name and social security number. Are there little sticker fairies that come in each night and label each fruit and veggie? Are the authorities so unsure of us that they think we might get confused and try to make a banana cream pie out of a zucchini? Apparently.

Most of the labels we encounter are warning labels….like the one at the Grand Canyon rim fence that says “do not cross”. Darn….I was planning to hop the barrier and fall to my death in a 1,000 foot abyss. Moving on, I opened a box the other day and one of those little silica packs fell out. It had a warning label on it that said “do not eat”. Well gee whiz…it had so looked like a great little snack. I read it again more carefully and it did not say “do not insert into your ear” so I am still considering that as an option.

Not all warning labels are written either….the TV. ad for HairGrow has a verbal warning that ends with a rapid-speak guy saying that use of the product may cause seizures, blurred vision, or a broken leg. Well, O.K. then…. can’t wait to try it.
My all time favorite label is the one that came stenciled on our lawnmower. I swear it actually said “Caution: do not use as a hedge trimmer”. Well shucky darn. I have this heavy, dirty, oily, unwieldy machine that has 4 razor sharp rotating blades and you are telling me I can’t pick it up and flip it over to trim my bushes? Why else would I buy it? What then should I use to prune my roses? Get real.

So…now I am really worried because the newspaper you are holding does not have a warning label. Who knows what harm could come to you? I am going to save you from yourself by providing one. It reads:

Please Do: Read it, enjoy it, clip the coupons, and recycle it.

Please Do Not: Eat it, heat it in your toaster, or stick it in your ear.

And of course: Dry Clean Only.

Former Harman/Smith teacher turns 100 !

Ms. Winifred Dynes celebrated her 100th birthday at One Lincoln Park last Tuesday. Ms. Dynes served as a Kindergarten teacher at Greenmount Elementary School for 10 years from 1957 to 1967.

Previous to that, she served as a substitute teacher (K-6) at both Harman and Edwin D. Smith elementary schools from 1945 to 1957. Here she is pictured with her daughter, Sue Cramer. Happy Birthday, Ms. Dynes!

Yard work service for seniors/disabled residents

POSSSIE: Professional Oakwood Singles in Service, Socialization and Self Improve-ment Education is offering a service to senior citizens or disabled residents needing help with cleaning up their yards. This offer consists of raking leaves and removing small debris left from the winter.

Requests will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Reservations can be made by calling 294-0493 beginning May 12, 2009. Respondants will be contacted by Saturday, May 16, 2009 to confirm that your request can be serviced.

OHS Athletic Hall of Fame inductees named

The Oakwood High School Athletic Hall of Fame Committee is pleased to announce the second class of the Oakwood Athletic Hall of Fame. The following individuals will be inducted at a banquet at the Dayton Country Club on Thursday, Sept. 3, 2009.

George Neal, Class of 1931 Mr. Neal was a fullback and captain of the 1930 football team (8-1-0 record). He lettered three years in football and track, and two years in basketball. In 1931, he was the State Champion in the shot put. While attending The Ohio State University and majoring in Dairy Engineering, he earned one letter in football. Upon graduation in 1935, Mr. Neal returned to work at the family dairy business, Neal’s Dairy on S. Patterson Boulevard until 1972. Mr. Neal passed away in January 1993 at the age of 79 in Oakwood, Ohio.

Howard Blose, Class of 1940 Mr. Blose was captain of the football and track team his senior year. He earned four letters in football, basketball and track. He was also the Senior Class President and valedictorian. At Cornell University, he was a three-year starter and in 1942 scored 72 points to lead all Eastern players. In addition, he was named All American Honorable Mention and held Cornell’s scoring record for 20 years. In 1944, the NFL New York Tigers drafted him before joining the Navy. During WWII he commanded an LCSL ship in the US Navy and was awarded the Bronze Star for the Battle of Okinawa. In later years he was Vice-President of Exxon Corporation. Mr. Blose passed away in May 2008 at the age of 86 in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Howard “Howie” Sales, Coach/Teacher/Athletic Director-1965-1995 Mr. Sales came to Oakwood in 1965 as a junior high and high school teacher of history, social studies, health, and physical education. Howard was the head football coach from 1968-1986, and had 112 wins, the most of any coach in school history. He served as the Athletic Director from 1988-1995. After retiring from Oakwood, Howard coached football at the University of Dayton from 1995 to 2005. In 1992, Mr. Sales was elected President of the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association; in 1994 was enshrined in the Ohio High School Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio; and in 1998 inducted into the Sam Andrews Hall of Fame. Mr. Sales returned to Oakwood High School in 2006 as an assistant football coach. He currently resides in Centerville, Ohio with his wife, Patsy.

Tim Coughlin, Class of 1964 Mr. Coughlin was a three-year starter in football. He averaged nine yards per carry as a junior and scored 104 points and totaled 1057 yards rushing as a senior on the 8-1-1 team. He was named the Dayton Daily News Area Most Valuable Player, All Conference and All District. In football, he played both ways and led the team in tackles. He received two letters in basketball and three in track. He set a new school record with a 9.8 time in the 100 yd. dash. As a senior, Mr. Coughlin was part of the 880-relay team that competed in the state meet and was named Most Valuable Player. Mr. Coughlin currently resides in Reno, Nevada.

Katy Deddens Dalrymple, Class of 1993 Katy Deddens Dalrymple was a four-year field hockey starter and three year 1st Team All District player. During her junior year, she set the season record for scoring and broke her own record as a senior; Katy still holds the season and career scoring records. During her junior and senior year she received an All American-Honorable Mention honor, and led her team to the District Championship and a State Final 4 appearance. During her senior year she was named All Ohio 1st Team. In addition, she lettered two years in swimming. During her junior year she set the school record in the breaststroke with a time of 1:21:78. In her senior year, her relay team set the school record in the 200 yd. free-relay with a time of 1:59:92. She also lettered four years in track. Her accomplishments include placing 6th at State in the 4x800m, 5th in 800m and 2nd in 4x800m as a sophomore. Mrs. Deddens-Dalrymple currently resides in Oakwood, Ohio with her husband, Tom and family.

The Committee will also be recognizing the 1942 Football Team:

1942 Football Team Oakwood’s first undefeated team. The 419 points scored were the most of any team in Ohio that year.

Oakwood Opponent

52 Greenville 0
59 Wilmington 0
53 Piqua 0
19 Xenia Central 0
45 Lebanon 0
58 Wyoming 0
40 Troy 7
66 Cincinnati Voc. 0
27 Fairmont 0

Oakwood High School has a long tradition of excellence in athletics and there are many worthy individuals who deserve consideration for induction into the Hall of OHS Athletic Hall of Fame inductees named Fame. Eligibility requirements for the Hall of Fame for an athlete include being a graduate of Oakwood High School and having lettered in at least 1 sport for 2 years or 2 or more sports for 1 year, or the Girls Athletic Association equivalent.

The athlete cannot be considered for induction until 10 years after graduation. The Committee will also consider coaches and administrators who served Oakwood High School. You may nominate an individual by submitting a Nomination Form, which may be found at

The Oakwood Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet will be held on Thursday, Sept. 3 at the Dayton Country Club beginning at 6 p.m. More information on tickets will be coming at a later date. The inductees will also be recognized at halftime of the home football game on Sept. 4, 2009. The Hall of Fame is displayed on the southeast wall of the portico facing Schantz Avenue.

For more information, please contact Mark Hughes, Chairman, Hall of Fame Committee, at (937) 297-5342.

Officeholders at GOP spring luncheon May 14

Current Oakwood, Kettering and County GOP office holders will be guests of
the Republican Council of Oakwood.

The annual Spring salad luncheon, May 14, will be at the home of Jeannine Philpot. For more information call 296-1194.


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