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One ‘constant’ around Oakwood last week – was RAIN!  Another ‘constant’ – was Bridge!  (that’s a card game played at a table with three others who start out as ‘friends’).  It’s hard to prove  ‘rain’ caused the ‘bridge’ but the games did help solve the problem of what to do when you can’t weed or cut grass.

On Monday Shirley Wagner hosted ‘WGBC’ at ‘LPG’. (Translation:  World’s Greatest Bridge Club at Lincoln Park Grill.)  WGBC began over fifty years ago – so there are a few of the eight ‘originals’ left but several members have been in only ten or twenty years!

On Tuesday Paula Schaeffer hosted her club of four players – and there was only one ‘substitute’ at the table with Libby Hornbeck, Betty Hageman, and Paula.

Wednesday Shirley Wagner invited another of her bridge clubs for lunch at Dayton Country Club  followed by another afternoon of ‘bridge’.   And lo and behold – there were several players who’d also played together on Monday and Tuesday!

Now on Thursday afternoon another ‘foursome’ met at Gay Spiegel’s condo in Lincoln Park.  Gay and Andy  overlook a beautiful pond and before getting down to bridge-business the players marveled over how huge the geese (goose?) goslings had gotten since their last game at Spiegel’s.  During the game Andy received a visitor – Dr. Dick Dewall and their conversation was probably more edifying than the
‘…one no-trump, and …’

Friday…that game was at nine thirty AM at Sally & John Fisher’s home on Big Hill. This is a ‘weekly’  game and was terminated by twelve because Weezie McGinnis had a standing appointment and another player was meeting Honey Hammer for lunch at DC, and a third player was meeting his son for lunch down town.   Have you had enough ‘bridge’ for one week?

Thursday evening Connie Breen and Rev. Joseph Goetz and two others of ‘The Maine-iacs’ got together to make plans for their annual trek north.  ‘Father Joe’ is currently busy setting up his exhibition of water colors for which he is famous.  The ‘grand opening’ is next Thursday in Oregon at The Cannery on East Third Street from 6:30 ‘til 9:00 PM.  Get there early for his work is in great demand.  Many Oakwood-ites have ‘Goetz originals’ hanging in their homes.

Friday evening the ‘39’ers’ met at Dayton Country Club for their regular monthly ‘do’. “We had a golf tournament…everyone won something…nearest the pin…longest drive…deepest into the rough…worst putt…”

Tim Blank, Laurie Blank Keller, & Marv Keller and their families invited friends for a ‘Celebration of Life’ memorial in honor of their parents – Sue and Charles Blank.  A group of Sue and Charles’ friends, both young and old, had a delightful afternoon reminiscing and, looking at many, many photographs – snap shots and formal poses. “We wanted to keep-up with all of you…our parent’s friends, the friends of our children, and our friends…”  What a wonderful idea.

The party was at Kellers on Harman Avenue.  “This is the house a high school friend lived in!”  said an elderly gent.  “Janet Ashley…she was one of the most popular gals in school…I never could get a date with her…but I did dance with her at ‘Cotillion’ a few times…”  Izzy Schaeffer, Paula Schaeffer, Alan & Beth Schaeffer were there.  Kip Bohachek said he lived in his parents old home.  He was asked about brother Chip and of course mentioned being in the Boy Scout troop with sons of several guests.

Bill & Sue Ferneding  brought Ada.  Jim & Debby Deuser, Libby Hornbeck, Wise Glossinger, Shirley Wagner, Lee & Betsy Whitney,  Dotty Bachus,  Tom & Nancy Gillaugh, Weezie McGinnis, Milly Hubler enjoyed the many photographs.  

Kathy Kavanaugh said she’d just had a phone call from Judy Herbruck Brown. (Judy lives in Colorado now.  When she was in Oakwood High School the Herbrucks lived on Hadley and Judy was a dedicated member of the Miami Valley Hunt.)  “Bet she called to wish you ‘Happy Birthday’!”  Kathy had to admit that was correct.

Saturday evening the parking lot, and the grassy sward on Southern Blvd. was packed with cars…but everyone must have been on the ‘damp’ course…for the trophy-room dining area was not packed…which was great.  Bob Margolis’ table and Max & Darlene Gutmann and Caryl Philips table had that lovely room all to themselves.

Bobby Eckstein decided that all the neighbors around John Grey’s Farm who’ve been receiving the ‘produce’ right from the vegetable patch, and the rhubarb pies right from John’s kitchen, and the maple syrup right from John’s trees…should get together and say ‘thanx’ to Leo Nayoskass, the ‘Farm manager’ who ‘manages all of the ‘above’ and who personally delivers ‘natures’ bounty’.

So, Bobby sent invitations to the ‘recipients’ for Sunday from 4:00 to 5:30 PM at The Farm….  It was a beautiful ‘farm’ afternoon.  Terry Holton and Sonni Kasch served super hors’douvres.  Bob Pruitt tended bar.  John Grey was busy demonstrating his state-of-the-art electrically operated (and reversible?) grill.  “The tungsten (?) face of the grill was ‘cut’ with water at the speed of Mach Three!”

Leo, as guest-of-honor, was kept busy receiving kudos for his delicious and appreciated ‘goodies’.  Jean Woodhull, Becky & Phil Morris,  the Jack Campbells, Jim & Mary Lou Van Tassel, and Sue & John Harris were there – they ‘walked over’ as did most of those gathered. 

Dick & Carol Pohl had their twin granddaughters in tow.  Judy & Orval Cook,  and the Tony Huffman’s came to say ‘thanx to Leo’.



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