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RE:  “Support our troops” by James Uphoff

It is no surprise to me that James Uphoff’s area of expertise is education.  Education majors in college score second from the bottom of all majors in SAT tests except for sociology majors.

While pretending to “support our troops,” in fact James Uphoff is just another garden variety Bush-hater.  This can be seen from his misrepresentation of facts.  Uphoff claimed that our “troops were poorly trained and supplied” when in fact they are the best trained military in the world, equipped with laser-guided weapons, body armor, and very expensive tanks, trucks and aircraft.

Uphoff continued with “equipment which was poorly designed for its use,” as if he knew something of which he spoke.  Clearly he does not.  How is it that educators claim to be “experts” in their own field, and take offense at others who try to tell them their jobs, while Uphoff feigns military expertise and patriotism so dishonestly? Finally, it is the height of lunacy that “cuts” in local school funding somehow impacts soldiers fighting terrorist madmen in Iraq remotely as much as Harry Reid claiming “We’ve lost in Iraq” or the New York Times giving al Qaeda tips on how we are pursuing their financing.

While our national motto is “United We Stand,” Bush-haters like Harry Reid, and Ted Kennedy, and James Uphoff are doing immeasurable damage to our troops in the field today, just as they did during the Vietnam War in which I served during 1967 and 1968. Pretending that they “support our troops” is merely another of the liberal’s countless Big Lies.

John Jaeger, MBA
Irvine, California
562 760-3489


Concerning Sugar Camp tree removals

Over the years our city developed by clearing the land, building our houses and replanting trees to shade our homes and line our streets.  In parts of Oakwood that were farmlands, the houses were built and then the trees added. This consistent approach to development produces the enviable plethora of trees we know today. Trees are part of our ambience as a community and a valued asset.

Caring for our trees has always been a priority for city staff and city council. In 1995 computer software became available and the city purchased the program and engaged in developing a database consisting of all the trees in city right of ways and on city property. When the inventory was complete, a data base of over 7,000 trees had been entered.  Over 90 species were identified. Information for each tree included its specific location, its specie, its girth and height, its age, its condition, its recommended care. The monetary value of our tree inventory was appraised in excess of eight million dollars.

Using the information recorded in the database, a program of ongoing care was outline and submitted as part of the annual budget.  Initially the city was divided into quadrants and the maintenance work commenced covering one quadrant each year. As each tree was serviced the information was recorded to update the database. This tree management program continues in an ongoing manner, using the database to guide the maintenance program.

The necessary clearing of a section of the Sugar Camp property was naturally greeted with dismay by many. As the site is developed, and the houses built, once again trees will be planted to shade the houses and line the streets.  History will repeat itself.

Judy Cook
Mayor of Oakwood



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June 17, 2008
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