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“Come to the Cannery” the invitation read.  “The Cannery Gallery is showing works by Fr. Joseph Goetz …reception from 6:30 until 9 p.m. on Thursday evening.  The Cannery is on East Third Street…parking available in the St. Joseph’s lot across the street…”  Actually a parking lot the size of UD’s stadium might have accommodated the turn-out.

Gayle & Rita Price and Susan & John Harris crossed Third St. together and were admiring the historic facades of The Cannery and it’s neighbors.  Father Joe greeted arrivals … there is no one with more charm, or more friends, or more varied talents… he’s the personification of …’the Rennaissance Complete Man.’  For years he led the congregation of Holy Angels.  He’s probably the  only Daytonian with a Doctorate from Cambridge University.  In ‘retirement’ Father Joe has continued to perform most marriages, christenings, and  last rites of his friends and former parishioners.   And, he’s also found time to further his talent and interest in ‘water colors’.

The Cannery’ is a great, open, space – perfect for displaying ‘art’.  As a world-traveler Joe has painted scenes from …’all over’.   One rich source of Joe’s ‘water colors’ has been Crazy Winds – on Mount Dessert, Maine – the fabulous home of Connie, and the late Eddie Breen.  ‘Round Town’ has often mentioned the annual trek-to-Maine by five Daytonians – Joe being one of the ‘five’.  Connie and her friend Ginny Whalen were found deep into the gallery.  Connie was enjoying reading the ‘titles’ of the Goetz works:  ‘The Dock at Crazy Winds’, ‘Red Sail At Long Pond’, ‘Late Afternoon At Crazy Winds’ and ‘Long Pond Reflections’. (Have you guessed that ‘Crazy Winds’ is the name of the Breen ‘cottage’.) “We have one of Joe’s water colors painted from your huge porch,” bragged an Oakwoodite.
“‘They feather their sterns’, and ‘give tongue’” said a lady approaching the group.  It was Janice Driesbach, director of the Dayton Art Institute!  “See, I remembered my ‘lesson’!  And it’s been several weeks since I was told that fox hounds do
not ‘wag their tails; nor do they ‘bark’!...when viewing the interesting ‘hunting scenes’ hanging on your walls.”

Macy Janney was there with her son.  John Remick talked about seeing ‘Young At Heart’ at the Neon.  Dotty Sherman asked where she could buy ‘Beatle Balm’…it’s sold by horse-barn-suppliers!  Bill & Julia Hobart, Anita & Dr. Robert Rankin, Barb O’Hara, Judy & Bill McCormick, and Dr. Burt Saidel were there.  Don Schweller was not carrying his tennis racquet.

Chris Saunders, Patty Ballard, Jean Woodhull, Tracy & Irv Beiser, and Sonnie & Bill Kasch were picking their ‘favorites’ among Joe’s paintings.  Marilyn Hart said she was having a ‘showing’ of her works in December and “…I’ll send you an invitation…”  Mary Kunish said she’d sold her house! It’s that beautiful stone manse on Ridgeway.  Jane Haley was there with her son Peter.  Mary Mead said he’d love to play bridge sometime.  Weezie McGinnis wore a fabulous black-n-white silk dress.

The invitation was from Mark & Jane Fraze and was post-marked Tucson, Arizona… the ‘Birthday Celebration’ was to be at the Lincoln Park Grill on June 14th…and was for their Mother - Marty Fraze Wind.
Jane and Mark greeted a great mix of their parent’s friends, and their friends, and even some third-generation-ers.  Jane had just arrived from showing her ‘Hunters’ at the Devon Horse Show in Bryn Mawr, PA.  “I got two seventh place ribbons…I got eliminated from one class for being ‘off-course’, but my trainer got two ‘seconds’ on my horse!  The horse was ‘Reserve champion’…so it was a good show.  As you know, that show, held on a 19th century fairgrounds, is one of the top Hunter Shows in the country.”

Mark said he’d been here in Dayton most of the month.  “Our band has been practicing…we’re playing at the Fraze Pavillon in early August.  You’ve got to come!”

“Hey, do you remember me?”  It was Steve Kelch!  ”Haven’t seen you since you and son John lived down at the Newcom building.  You weren’t this tall in Oakwood High School…you’ve grown a foot since then!”  And another one from ‘…way back when’…Steve Common.  It was nostalgic to chat about his father, Dick Common and those wonderful fishing trips to Wisconsin.

And then the ‘Birthday Girl’ arrived!  There was much clapping and well-wishing. Marty wore a great light blue knit suit…and looked just ‘half-her-age!’  Oh, and Bob
 wore a handsome yellow sport coat – and was the envy of all the gents.
Marty’s son, Terry Fraze had a wonderful collection of family pictures which he projected on a screen…photos of Marty’s parents, her sister, of her high school graduation,  of Terry and Mark from day one.  It was such fun.

Mike Wenzler was the ‘official photographer’ for the evening.  Everyone had to ‘pose’ with, spouses, or dates, or Joe Acito had two gals…one on each side…Dotty Bachus and Nancy Gillaugh.

Ginny Hess will be on her way to Paris in August for the dedication of her sculpture-portrait of Charlie Parker – a co-worker and fellow inventor along with the Wright Brothers.  Ginny’s sculpture will be placed in LeMans…the city of auto racing fame. Whatta accomplishment for Ginny!

Former Oakwood resident Robert Gardner (son of Ames and Carolyn, who traded their home on Garden Road for a “country gentleman’s” farm in Spring Valley over ten years ago) and his wife, Kristie, are Oakwood’s newest TV stars! They (and their Glendale, California living room) will be featured on the TV show, Desperate Spaces, on June 22 at 2:30 p.m.

The episode titled “Dull, Drab and Desperate” shows the Home and Garden Network’s designers transforming the young Gardner’s living room.  Kristie apparently spent a good part of her recent maternity leave as an executive with Nestle USA, signing up for various home makeovers on the HGTV network!
It’s no wonder Kristie’s a smart girl, as Robert met her on a blind date while living in the Big Apple, shortly after she graduated from Columbia University. The two have settled in sunny southern California, from whence Kristie hails and have two little ones. Robert still keeps in regular touch with Drew and Molly MacDonald, as well as Chad Walther and his wife Kim. Kim is a fourth grade teacher at Harman, whose colleague is Del Faulkner. Del was Robert’s fourth grade teacher! Small world!



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