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Thank You to our neighbors

On Dec. 23, we mailed 2,644 lids to Yoplait for their breast cancer fundraiser with Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Each lid is worth 10 cents so we mailed in $264.40 worth! Thank you to everyone who participated by bringing in lids or sponsoring our collection cans around town, especially the schools and Wright Library! An EXTRA BIG THANK YOU to Brownie Troop 32523 who not only created the collection boxes but counted most of the lids-what a super troop!  We collect lids year round, so keep on saving them. If you have questions about this fundraiser or want to join our team, please contact Leigh Ann Fulford at 294-3816.

Here’s to a CURE and SOON!

The CARE Walk Team


Real estate tax hikes unreasonable

The 2008 real estate taxes have been posted on the Montgomery County Web Site - mine have gone from $11,500 to $17,100 in one year - a 48 percent increase!!!  With the DDN reporting on Saturday, that property values have declined in the county by about one percent overall, I can’t understand how mine can go up more than 48 percent. This after they have been increasing by about eight percent a year since I bought the house in 2004. I’ve already protested the appraisal, and I was told at the time that I would have a new appraisal and that my house price would go down by $80,000 - that didn’t happen.  I’ve talked with a lawyer - he’s been practicing law in Dayton for 40 years and he lives in Oakwood.  He’s willing to help ANYONE in Oakwood with filing the legal paperwork to protest these increases, but he cannot contact people directly.  I can refer people to him, however. I want anyone who is interested to contact me via email at: with their address and taxes for 2007 and for 2008.  I’d love to get enough Oakwood residents together for a class action suit.  My lawyer said he is willing work with anyone who wants to protest. If enough people respond, costs to you will be minimal.

If you are concerned about these tremendous increases, contact me at: with your street address and tax amounts for 2007 and 2008.

Mark E. Garner


Thanks for opportunity to serve

At the conclusion of my career, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and management of the City of Oakwood for providing me the privilege to serve. I especially would like to thank all of the citizens of Oakwood for their support over
the years, particularly for trusting me with the welfare of their children.

Officer John Schramm



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January 13, 2009
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