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Last Monday, Dotty Bachus had ‘World’s Greatest Bridge Club at her condo at ‘333’. The usual cast of characters played – Sally Fisher, Weezie McGinnis, Jo Kelly, Shirley Wagner, Sara Lytle, and Midge Harlan  ‘subbed’.

Bill Rogers was home from his home in Maine and into his home at ‘333’ in Dayton. It’s always great to hear about Maine and ‘his’ river, and his ‘bald eagles’, and his ‘neighbor’, Alix French’s daughter.  The Rogers have a special spot near Portland, Maine that was wonderful to visit several years ago.

Lee Whitney has been a ‘Volunteer’ at Carillon Park for many years.  In the summer he drives the miniature-train tour around the grounds, and in the winter months he ‘mans’ one of the fascinating historical exhibits.  Granted, there aren’t many visitors in January – but it’s a National Park so it is required to be open year round.
Betsy Whitney invited a friend for lunch at Culp’s Café -  “…and Lee will join us. There’s a new Owner/Chef of the Café who’s just taken over the restaurant as of January first.  You’ll enjoy his menu – it’s eclectic, and delicious – I’ve  taken home pies, entrees etc. every time I’ve been there.”

At lunch, Chef Jeff Blumer came over to chat.  He has a catering business, Bellyfire, and is excited about building his clientele at Culps.  “I’ll be serving breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings starting Jan. 10.  We’ll be open at 7 a.m. and will serve breakfast until 11 when our luncheon menu will begin….tell your friends!  My wife, Molly Deddens, is the pastry chef.  Betsy said, “If you had the entire Deddens family in here there wouldn’t be a seat left!”  “We’ve done that,” countered Jeff.  Betsy and her guest both took home a Bellyfire apple pie.

B.J. and John Gray took Terry and Tom Holton and a neighbor-guest to dinner Friday evening at Moraine County Club.  Both John and Tom were students at Ohio State together so there was ‘some’ conversation about football and OSU’s Marching Band!  Oh, before being seated  when the group was in the vestibule  ‘shedding’ coats, and vests, and hats – John gave everyone a demonstration of his – belt-trick!   It was pure ‘slight of hand’.  To un-buckle his rain coat he explained “…reversing the ‘tongue’, and doing something to the hole in the belt, and turning the belt backwards…and lo-and-behold…he was un-buckled!  (We forgot to see how he suited-up after dinner – cause he left early to get the car.) John is going to the Inauguration.  (B.J. said:  “I’m staying home!)  The Ohio State Marching Band will be marching and playing and since John was in the band when a student – he’s been invited.  It sounded wonderful and he’ll be in on many side events during the celebration.      

Tom Holton told a fascinating vignette about Rodney Love – after someone had mentioned our former Congressman’s name.  Jeff Lorenz came by the table and when asked about his father, Ed – said he’s well into his 90’s and doing well in Florida.  Terry Holton promised to find out who’s building that huge manse on Park Road.  “I understand it’s someone who already lives on Park – up nearer Far Hills.”   It was a super evening and took hours to ‘cover’ the weighty matters barely mentioned above!

Eight o’clock Sunday morning three Oakwood-ites went to breakfast at Culps – Bellyfire – Café.   “You’re the first guests this morning,” said Jeff Blumer.  We’ll probably get some ‘after church’ brunch-ers later.”  The menu was extensive!  John Heck ordered two entrees. “I’m heading back to Washington this afternoon so I won’t get any lunch.”   Howard Heck had the ‘Eggs Benedict’.  Everything was just super. Give yourself a special treat next weekend – on Sat. or Sun. or both - by going to Culp’s  for breakfast.

Ham-lets’  Academy Awards banquet was Sunday night at Moraine Country Club. Members were instructed to “…dress l970’s vintage to commemorate our ‘founding’”. Some of the biggest ‘hams’ were so ‘Seventies’ – they were unrecognizable!  Like Rick & Cheri Ohmer.  Rick’s black shoulder length wig, beard, ‘flower-power’ shirt, purple pants…and Cheri to match…Dan Ferneding  came as Michael Jackson. John Ferneding looked just like Rick. Tom Maher wore a huge, white, fright wig with his powder blue suit.  Weezie McGinnis was fancy-sexy-seventies!  Jack Koepke wore a basic-blue-navy-blue suit with a sign on his back reading”  “I bought this suit in the seventies.”  Nancy Koepke was true ‘flower-power’ with her floral get-up.
President – Brenda Neroni, Secretary – Dana Cunningham, and Treasurer Bob Wilke all participated in the ‘program’.  Last years winners did the “…envelope, please – announcing ‘this years winners.’  BEST ACTOR – John Ferneding.  BEST ACTRESS – Julie Ferneding.  BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR – Rick Tangeman. BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS -  Kelly Tangeman.  BEST PRODUCERS – Jim & Dana Cunningham.


January 13, 2009
Volume 18, No. 2

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