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Remember when Arlene Seppel was on the staff of the Oakwood Library? (Guess we should say ‘Wright Brother’s Library’) “I used to see you there at least twice a week – and then once a week at ‘the hair house’. …it’s been years since I was George Sier’s ‘6:30 AM’ and you were his ‘7:00 AM’ on Thursday morning his ‘Hair Studio’. Now you’re his ‘Friday 7:00 AM’ and I never see you! Are you still the ‘terror of the Bridge table’?” The answer was ‘yes’ – I play at the Kettering Rec. Center. Are you still riding?”

Darryl Apt, DVM was in the hall at Kettering Hospital. After the “…it’s been years!” and “…you must see my new dog!” Darryl was asked about his daughter, Kelly, and whether she was still riding. The conversation brought back memories of Hunter Trials, sick hounds and lame horses, and…how much Darryl did for the Miami Valley Hunt.

Joan and Dr. Sylvan Weinberg had the greatest Valentine Day Party ever! The scene was the Men’s Locker Room at Moraine – which is the handsomest room in the Club. Joan’s décor was strikingly set against the dark walnut ‘lockers’ that line the walls. And Dede Longstreth pointed out “…the lighting is perfect in this room…it’s just dim enough that we all look a lot greater than we do in the broad-light-of day!”
Joseph Goetz and another guest chatted about his alma mater ‘Cambridge’. “Our grandson wrote that Cambridge is celebrating it’s 800th anniversary and that Prince Phillip is coming to the ceremonies and has giving our grandson’s rowing team a new boat!” “Yes”, answered Joe. “Prince Phillip is the Chancellor of Cambridge.” And then Joe added: “It is said in England that Phillip is the ‘rudest man in Europe!”
Dr. Robert Findley was at the party. He’s living south of Waynesville at his parents beautiful old farm along the river. “I haven’t been in China for several years…” Joyce Young was asked about her chairmanship of a state welfare project that’s taking a great deal of her time and fantastic abilities. Gay Spiegel chatted about bridge, and Andy Spiegel chatted about his venerable cat who demands cream at four o’clock every day.

“There sure are a lotta doctors in this group!” someone said to Dr. Dick DeWall. Dick was standing with at three or four other MD’s. Well, Weezie McGinnis was also with them and the gentlemen seemed to enjoy her more than their fellow AMA’s.

Rita Price was really red-for-Valentine’s-day coordinated. Her black dress was set-off with a large red rose at the shoulder, red dangling ear rings, and a large red bracelet. She looked terrific! And then there was Jim Van Tassel! Jim’s tie was the envy of all. It was navy blue with big, large, red, hearts – all over. “You can only wear that once a year! said an envious friend. “Well, I don’t even wear it that often – cause half the time I can’t find it – or I forget about looking for it.”

Kay and Bob Kegerreis said they’d ‘moved’. ‘How do you like your new ‘digs’? “Well, at this point we’re still living in chaos.” And when the ‘three-some moved-on (George Maley was part of the group) their parting words were: “Well, I’ll see you at Dorothy Lane Market.”

“This is the very best table!”, It was Gracey Weisbrod, Jack Longstreth, John Haddick, and Bob Kegerreis…plus. Jack talked about his new yellow female Labrador puppy. Gracey explained where she lived – “…in the old Hurlinger House on Park Road…everyone in Oakwood lives in “…the old someone’s house…and we’ve owned the place for over twenty years!” John Haddick and Bob Kegerreis talked about Wright State Univ. As you all know – Bob was President a while back and John was Chair of the Foundation.

During dinner the UD basketball game was on the TV – ‘muted’! Suddenly the ‘very best table’ realized the game was over and no one had noticed who’d won! But, along came Penny Haddick who said UD had won ‘…by a few points’. – So that was all the ‘table needed to know. Someone did ask who UD had played!

Patty Ballard mentioned her plans for getting some action in behalf of Carol Harrah at Dayton Country Club. Kim Zorniger got ‘good comments’ about her aqua-colored-top. “And your bracelet matches!”. “Yes. One of my granddaughters made it for me!”

February 17, 2009
Volume 18, No. 7

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